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Should California and Texas be allowed to secede or split?

Both California and Texas are allowed by agreement when entering the union to secede or split.

Both have serious efforts to do just that.

Could either make it work? Why? Why not?


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    Feb 22 2014: It is a constitutional right as you know. I heard Judge Napolitano say he would like to change it to "We the states".

    Keeping in mind that the Federal government was born of the states not the other way around. I would be in favor of it because at the very least it would be a wake up call.
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      Feb 22 2014: Pat, I do not disagree with you. However, would it stop the problem that led to the fall of Taxifornia. Not the least of which was the 2012 passage of Proposition 30, which raised state sales tax and state income tax to the highest levels which is offset by state and local government spending. California is the nation’s fourth-highest at 18.4 percent of its economic input. Further fueled by punitive and steeply progressive personal income tax code

      California is one of the highest-taxing states, especially personal and corporate income and sales taxes, and that suggests that they are inhibiting California’s economic progress.

      I would be remiss to not mention the role of city and government unions in the continuing spiral.

      In my opinion California is out of balance ... it is completely dominated by democratic leadership and they have adoped the Keynesian economics that prevail in Washington and the results are the same. With no oppopsition they lack the check and balances that are the bed rock of a successful Republic.

      The current water emergency would become impossible to resolve.

      I do not oppose the beak up .. I just do not see what it would resolve. It would make five states that would be MORE broken, indebit, and disfunctional that the one that exists.

      Thanks for the reply. Bob.
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        Feb 22 2014: A better approach may be state nullification of FED laws or the idea that the states can vote for constitutional amendments under article 5.

        The solution to Calif is simple let them go broke and they will then have to give the unions a haircut.
        The legislators are so enamored with themselves that this is the only way I can see that they will wake up.
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      Feb 22 2014: Pat, I believe you and I have been through this before. You cannot justify calling secession a constitutional right, as the Constitution fails to address to issue at all. You are also aware that the US Supreme Court ruled in "Texas versus White" that a state does NOT have the unilateral right to secede.
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        Feb 22 2014: I don't remember that, but clearly the intention of the Republic was the Federal government was created by the states not the other way around.

        Edit to add:

        Ok I see Scalia said it is not constitutional, that is good enough for me.

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