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Does anyone have land that they wish restored (ecosystem, soils, food sources for humans...) without having to pay for it? (no institution o

This project is primarily about reducing the drift in human health, which medicine cannot stop. It is also about this planet and societal exclusion. Sharing land with those who cannot 'keep up' (e.g. women with syndromes who need a gentle but constant physical activity, or older men who wish to be in nature), to give them an opportunity to be "useful" to both planet and humanity, with dignity, in peace and health, even if they cannot 'make money', instead of being made dependent or pushed to the bottom of society's ladder, and into their grave.

Why propose this here? Because 'science' only wants what is 'advancing', 'complexifying', and will not give access to grants for such a project.

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    W. Ying

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    Feb 23 2014: .
    It is difficult to have if nobody quits invalid happiness.
  • Feb 26 2014: I did look at communities with land. 'Community' still works according to dualistic 'give-&-take' ($ or not), often are plagued by ego/power games. Joining usually REQUIRES to give up one's own view to embrace theirs. Doesn't work for my approach.
    My experiment has similarities with 'slow movement', 'return to nature', warmer communal mutual-help etc., but the difference is a roadblock. They do not challenge certain principles, e.g that of development -just replace material by mental/personal/spiritual, but still development/activation = on the 'Up'. If one has gone 'up', can go no further and has not gained from going up, then there is no place in a group that aims to go up and spread the word about going up.
    My approach is not 'up', and does not aim at spreading the word or a model. I have mapped countless of these 'ways' - none can describe what my work points to (no value/evaluation). Just enable some to go another way than up ...and often up so far that hitting the ceiling makes them "fall" 'down'! let individuals find and implement their own 'Way'. Allow it, whether it makes sense to others frameworks and explanations or not.
    Brian Schaefer: 'neurological deficit' 'remediation program' = that's still de-valuing certain ways of functioning. My approach is to allow those 'failed' social-humans to function their own way, be allowed a place even if they cannot or do not want to be made normal or spiritually raised, without being inflicted 'correction' or forced into "an all-encompassing model that can be applied to any and all fields of science and life." My approach is global, has implications in all domains, but is NOT an 'all encompassing', 'complete' or 'universal' theory or framework - just a practical way to look at what is, allow it to be- in a different way, not excluding or fixing. My Experimental Foraging Station will be run by me, simply as one 'local-case' or example of what could be allowed, enabled. Communal subsistence economy comes later.
  • Feb 26 2014: I followed Keith's advice and looked at W.Ying's profile. I agree. Found the definition:

    My take on this is similar: we use our survival mechanisms meant for physical survival in an artificial fix-it manner to "feel better" (without actually changing what makes us feel bad, without freedom-happiness-peace). In other words, we have become ungrounded in physical living. What we call 'health' now is adaptive and only 'not being sick'; it's not a well-functioning body at ease, digesting easily, breathing & sleeping well, well hydrated, etc.
    I found that this trend began with global warming 15000 years ago or so, and became an auto-reinforcing 'system' that has the habit of crushing physical instincts and suppressing them actively (e.g. need a break from work to look after health, need to stop to breathe...) both in individuals and in collective frameworks of explanation/ exPERIence description.
    Why? Most of the great cutlures/traditions were developed by populations living (1) in difficult environments (eg budhism in tibet) or (2) over-stimulating environment with too rich food (eg india's sweet fruits, north africa's dates/spice, Africal and its carbohydrate loaded roots,...), and (3) later by populations developing agriculture (eg Euope wheat. Cultures grounded in non-critical (non-SURvival living), living on greens, berries - nourishing watery foods- , nuts/roots in winter, have been systematically eliminated; now it's the turn of individuals in rich societies. I go 'green' & non-critical, non-SUR-vival.
  • Feb 24 2014: Here are some quick suggestions: 1) Look around and see if you can find other groups that already have land which are willing to let you test your theories on. The first two that came to mind for me is Brian Schaefer in the Gold Coast area of Australia and a hippy "type" group on the Big Island of Hawaii.

    I could not find the Big Island group I was looking for but contact with any of the Holistic living retreats should eventually find them.
  • Feb 23 2014: W Ying, thank you for your response, but I do not understand it. Can you reformulate, say it in another way, with more detail? What do you mean by "quit invalidating happiness"?
    • Feb 24 2014: Marika all you have to do to completely understand "invalid happiness" is go read W. Ying's profile, read it and you will quickly understand, I guarantee it:)