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a data base that gathers and manages knowledge and distributes such knowledge to better the humanitarian world

as a human I have observed that we have too much knowledge, more than one person can manage, but we have computers and large data bases so why can't we compile store and segregate like knowledge's then let the computers manage data? would this not start a snowball effect?

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    Feb 21 2014: I think you refer to some kind of AI that can discern quality of information and make it freely accessible when one should want it? I am in favor of AI, but I hope HI will not suffer from it. As you need to be smart in order to understand that you need certain information.

    I gather that computers (and software) will get better and better, as we will continue to implement Bayesian learning algorithms.
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    Feb 22 2014: You can add more time to this conversation by clicking "edit" and adding more time, right now you have nine hours. aren't there already thousands of websites that gather info about bettering the world from their perspective? How is your idea different?
  • Feb 22 2014: Good in theory, however the greed of America's leaders would prevent the construction of such a mutually benificial system. They have a similar system, only accessable to the bureaucratic elite, called the NSA. It would be a relative repeat of the Tesla incident. The same type of comparison can be made of modern America and early Nazi Germany. Bureaucratic greed must be abolished before such a brilliant idea could be of any benifit to society.