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Water pollution. How big a problem is it?

Over the past 5 years i've had to close down two of my kiteboarding schools due to water pollution. I would like to open up a discussion on how water pollution has effected people and if you feel it is a serious problem or not. In my experience spending over 3 hours a day in the ocean, water pollution is a major issue that so few people in the sports industry are addressing. That being said surfers against pollution is a wonderful organisation and they are doing a great job but its a small percentage of people. I wrote this article below and after publishing it got a fair amount of grief from people living in the affected areas saying I was being unfair and harsh. What do you think?


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    Feb 27 2014: R. F. Kennedy Jr., the leading Environmental Attorney, has come to us and brought to our unique project presentation, attendants and media shocking facts about the water polution problems which our country (the USA) is facing today. Our project is about designing and building a first sustainable, environmentally sound futuristic community/town.

    I think if we could produce more powerful leaders like Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (which seems almost impossible) and follow them our problems would be easier to solve.

    But the majority of us is scared to stand against gigantic brainless comporate monsters without any leader, and we are badly disorganized. I'm sorry that we just talk about problems but do so little...

    Well, the encouraging thought is that these industrial monsters absolutely DEPEND on us -- us, as stupid consumers!! as we are today. No consumers - no industrial monstrosity.

    We, as consumers, keep supporting/feeding these industries, therefore WE have all the power to stop doing it. Ironically and sadly we still cannot comprehend our own power.

    This can be changed rather quickly but people are not much changing, scared to replace their bad habits (just like alcoholics).

    P.S. not just articles or just talks but our very actions within our community, our special gatherings, our organized manifistations reaching public at-large may make some quick changes.
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      Feb 28 2014: I could not agree with you more!! Thank you for saying this.
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        Feb 28 2014: Jessica, Thank YOU for bringing up the subject, and letting people say what they think :)
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          Mar 3 2014: I find it very interesting to hear experiences that other people have had with water pollution and to hear what people who are not near water think about what is going on.

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