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Is a thought about the expansion of the universe.

Well one morning around 2 weeks ago I woke up with a crazy idea in my head, and this was the thought. Pretty much all physicist and scientists agree the universe is expanding. But in the thought I had was what if the universe isn't expanding, and rather every atom in the universe was shrinking at the same rate and increasing in speed. Because if every atom were shrinking it would appear as if everything is expanding away from us. For example take the solar system and put it in a fixed position, and put your self on earth, then start to shrink everything including you but with out moving the planets. To the person on earth it would appear as if everything was pushing/ expanding away from that point. Anyway that is my bizarre thought.

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    Mar 1 2014: What about the space in between the atoms or like you said the solar system, what about the space between the planets? I for one disagree that atoms are shrinking because contemporary science says dark energy is expanding the universe and dark energy isn't made out of atoms.
  • Feb 28 2014: I disagree that if every atom in the universe was shrinking at the same time, it would look farther away. We are made of atoms so we would be shrinking at the same rate and our vision would go just as far perspectivley because the distance to the edge itself is shrinking at the same rate.
  • Feb 27 2014: Elephants can see twice as big as human beings . So , How much big the universe be from the eyes of elephants ? And if suppose it happens so that every human beings eyes starts to see everything around as tiny ants then how much big would be the universe ?

    Does the universe is really as big as we perceive it ? or It is just the size of a ball where we all are like viruses, but we may not be aware of it?
  • Feb 24 2014: No problem Matthew just weight yourself today and then check it next week, if you weight more then you can assume the universe is shrinking, if you weight less then it is expanding:)
    "The universe is the same size as your imagination"- Keith W Henline
    • Feb 28 2014: Perhaps then we will find "dark matter" in fast food.
      • Feb 28 2014: Perhaps if we look long enough and hard enough we will find what Einstein found: "Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one"
        We already know that subatomic particles like neutrino's are passing right through us at all times. Those cute little neutrinos never asked me if they could enter in and out of my body at will.... makes me wonder what else I do not know about myself. It also confirms another of my thoughts: "The only thing I know for certain is there is nothing for certain"
  • Feb 24 2014: Hey, that`s great but while everything was shrinking would we have gravity. Everything has to be expanding at a logarithmic rate to explain gravity.. And as far as having a bizarre thought, the scientific experts are saying its a bizarre world out there.
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    Feb 22 2014: First a little back ground info, the scientists know that the universe is expanding due to red and blue shifts, which is measured by electromagnetic radiation. So the universe is actually expanding.
    If as you said everything was shrinking then there wouldn't be a red or blue shift to measure. I guess in order for your idea to be more you must explain why exactly this would happen. Why is everything shrinking, because really that is the problem.
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    Feb 22 2014: Also Totally Awesome!
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    Feb 22 2014: thought even more stupid than the bb theory. that theory, if i'm not mistaken, is mainly based on the shift of the color of light coming from the distant galaxies (in great simplification). in your case this is not possible, there can be no such effect... but perhaps i'm wrong... in general, there is some slack here (ted) and apathy... so every thought is precious, even stupid... even my silly ramblings...
  • Mar 2 2014: Here`s some distributed thinking along the lines of Matthew Faris.
    Suppose Newton`s old equation F=MA explains gravity. Suppose that space js expanding with an acceleration (A in the equation above) equal to the gravitational constant G (32 ft.sec/sec). This expansion includes everything - atomic sized particles of matter, the field they project, the earth and the people, the sun, the Kuiper belt, everything. The presence of gravity is proof of the expansion.
    Its generally believed the Universe is expanding but that idea suggests only that the galaxies are moving further apart. This concept has everything expanding. Relatively, everything would look the same.
    Suppose further that our Black Hole doesn`t compress matter into a singularity but somehow converts the matter it consumes into an expansion of space. Anything to rule these ideas out?
  • Mar 1 2014: If the universe is viewed as a closed system, and for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, then perhaps shrinkage is a symmetry requirement of an expanding universe...
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    Mar 1 2014: You have my reticular activation system at full tilt on this one. :) Brending Klout (Ph.B) Doctorate of Brending. Brending is a neologism invented on March 9th, 2011.