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Is a thought about the expansion of the universe.

Well one morning around 2 weeks ago I woke up with a crazy idea in my head, and this was the thought. Pretty much all physicist and scientists agree the universe is expanding. But in the thought I had was what if the universe isn't expanding, and rather every atom in the universe was shrinking at the same rate and increasing in speed. Because if every atom were shrinking it would appear as if everything is expanding away from us. For example take the solar system and put it in a fixed position, and put your self on earth, then start to shrink everything including you but with out moving the planets. To the person on earth it would appear as if everything was pushing/ expanding away from that point. Anyway that is my bizarre thought.


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    Feb 22 2014: thought even more stupid than the bb theory. that theory, if i'm not mistaken, is mainly based on the shift of the color of light coming from the distant galaxies (in great simplification). in your case this is not possible, there can be no such effect... but perhaps i'm wrong... in general, there is some slack here (ted) and apathy... so every thought is precious, even stupid... even my silly ramblings...

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