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"Vitamins" for Bee's?

Instead of antibiotics for honey bee's how can we make sure honey bee's have a proper diet? Are there vitamins that actually help their immune system? If so what are those?

I found the talk very informative but I would like to know more about this specific part of the talk.

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    Feb 25 2014: Anthony, wondering why is that people on ted are not reacting on your very important Topic. Maybe you will need to rephrase and publish it again?

    "How to save Bees - the planet miracle workers" ? -though it's not the best suggestion - but would you like to try it again?
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    Feb 22 2014: I'm wondering maybe you would like to extend your topic Time for a few more days - a month?
    Your time is about to end in 6 days. Please go to your access to EDIT this topic and increase the time for this publication. Just a suggestion.
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    Feb 22 2014: This is a quintessentially important topic. So wish someone knowledgeble would give us a clue.
    (One thing is definitely very damaging for little miracle workers - pesticides.)

    Some of us knows the horrific fact - no bees - no food - no life.

    Thank you for your thoughtful curiosity, Anthony.

    Here is some info: