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Does censorship work?

We can all agree that some movies and books can contain hateful or obscene material that we would not choose to see or read. But, assuming that no law has been broken in it's creation, should we prevent others from seeing or reading it.

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    Feb 17 2011: I wouldn't want any kid to watch a porn movie, as they are in a very impressionable age. So you need to censor these for the sake of kids.
    I wouldn't want government to censor its dirty secrets, or to chide away the responsibility it has towards the people. Censorship doesn't work in this regard. I wouldn't want US govt to censor wikileaks at any cost
  • Feb 17 2011: My starting position that outright restrictions and bans and editing are wrong, except where some law of the land has been broken such as for example in snuff movies or pedophilia. The 'cover' of the material should allow adults and guardians to decide for themselves.
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    Feb 16 2011: Censorship doesn't work, suggestions do.