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When will it be possible to achieve "immortality" by reaching a singularity with brain power and computing power? In our lifetime?

I've been seeing a lot of buzz surrounding recent advancements in our understanding of the brain and the potential to make a digital copy of human consciousness and memory. If this were possible, I assume it would also be plausible to upload this information to a new host brain.

According to Ray Kurzweil logarithmic representation of the advancement of technological development, is it likely that the technology required to develop this type of existence could be discovered before 2050?

  • Feb 24 2014: We are immortal now, why would you want to go on a hard drive instead??

    That immortality, however, is not because of our brain but because of our spirit which exists to eternity.
  • Feb 25 2014: The question is the type of immortality we are talking about:

    1. uploading to a machine - then the program is simulating a person and is not the person.
    2. Keeping the brain alive with all the synaptic connections - then the question is without the external senses, is this still you?
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    Feb 22 2014: " would also be plausible to upload this information to a new host brain."

    The problem here is that YOU are still dead. Although the world still has a shiny new copy of you to interact with, you are still dead. So much for immortality.