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How can we talk about population growth without being offending or prejudicial?

It seems as though many resource, climate change, waste and happiness issues are based on population growth. Do we need to revisit this fundamental?

  • Feb 24 2014: It might not be possible to discuss it without offending someone out there, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't discuss it. There are many sides to every situation, if you enter a conversation without bringing any judgements or preconceived conclusions, almost anything can be discussed and even if agreement isn't reached, you will both likely be better off for having to think and rethink what you thought you knew in the light of a different perspective.
  • Feb 23 2014: Don't talk, just distribute lots and lots of free condoms. Leave boxes of them on street corners.
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    Feb 23 2014: Just come up with the devastating statistics without offending anyone.

    But the situation itself is quite abnormal and very alarming for handling it "gracefully".
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    Feb 27 2014: If you are writing about US population growth, then a history visit is needed.

    Eugenics in United States:

    Compulsory Sterilization of Native Americans and Racist Motivations Behind Public Policies
    D. Forbes
    SOC297 Independent Study (Prof. Lutz Kaelber)
    Dept. of Sociology, University of Vermont
    Spring, 2011

    Situation is simple. Indigenous people were living self sufficiently on land that is now United States. White foreigners arrived, performed genocide on Natives, then compulsory sterilization on unknown amount of remaining non white population.
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    Feb 26 2014: i haven't heard of anyone being offended by talk of population control, have you?
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    Feb 25 2014: Sadly, I agree with you 100 %
  • Feb 25 2014: Phillip,

    I am going to disagree slightly. Happiness is not based on population growth but rather economic growth is based upon the premise of increased demand which is based on growing markets which based on growing populations. If you equate economic growth to happiness, then your statement is correct. I do not.

    Population growth is a very touchy subject because of the religious connections. I personally feel that we will do nothing about it until it is affecting the major powers in a very negative way.