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Do you dare to go for a world change you may never see?

If we want to go for a change, a real change not a short-term one, we have a long way to go. We have to go for a cultural global change, that would take many years.

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    Feb 26 2014: Why do you think of this as a matter of daring? I would more think of this as a matter of values- whether one values only actions whose whole result one can see. Every day when parents raise children, they are changing the world in ways they will not see. People who teach children, participate in the building of infrastructure, produce art for public exhibit/viewing/reading, develop vaccines, participate in emergency relief- or, for that matter, donate money to preserve coral reliefs or forest land or to provide emergency relief... put in motion changes the full results of which they cannot expect to see.
    • Feb 26 2014: I don't think is that simple, that is why I talk about it as a matter of daring. Many of the things you mentioned may or may not produce a change, I hope they will; but think that many of those things are promoted for social customs, you do what you do because "it is supposed to", raising your children is a matter of survival of the species. Here I'm talking about a high impact change. Most of the other things you mentioned people do it for money. Many other activities you also said, I am sure that pushes foward to a change.
      Thanks a lot for sharing!
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        Feb 26 2014: You may think people do these things for custom or for the money, but people may be taking a broader view than you realize when they choose where to put their efforts and talents and how hard they apply themselves in those areas.
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    Feb 26 2014: Yes. Why not? Isn't it a little too selfish to not want a change just because we don't get to see it?
    • Feb 26 2014: Exactly at what I'm pointing to; but "Yes" maybe easy for you but not for everyone. Thanks for sharing
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    Feb 26 2014: what is the change you want?
    • Feb 26 2014: That would be a good TED conversation, but you haven't answered anything here. The change is the one you choose it does not matter which is it, I am asking you another thing here.
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        Feb 26 2014: well I'm not convinced your premises are correct. Usually I orient towards changing my very local circumstances, changing things I don't like about my immediate environment. I tend to think that that's what other people should do, more people should try to change the things they don't like about their immediate, local environment, and if many people did that, the world would change for the better. For me, I always either see results, or I learn why I can't change what I want to change. But I also enjoy the process, apart from the results I enjoy the learning and adventure that comes with wanting to change something.

        But the truth is, Martin, if you dedicate yourself to changing something, you're always going to get something back. It may be change, it may be information, it may be resistance, but either way you will get some kind of result, won't you? So it's not as if you go for something and nothing comes back, something always comes back even if it's not what you want, or think you want?
        • Feb 26 2014: Extraordinary answer and thank you very much for sharing it. This is one of the answers I expect from people, the one that makes me think about it.
          And besides the question, I completely agree with you in this. Sorry if you didn't underestood my premise but english is not my first language so, sorry for that.
          Thank you greg!
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        Feb 26 2014: so I guess my answer to your question would be yes, I'd be willing to go for change even if I didn't see the results because I enjoy the process. But Martin, if your cause is righteous, and you go for it, I think you will see some results in your lifetime, you may not see as much change as you'd like, but I would think you would see some.

        So what is the change you want? Why don't you start a TED conversation about it?
        • Feb 26 2014: Sure! I will start it right now, hope I see you sharing your vision there.
          Thanks greg!
  • Feb 25 2014: I think and idea can be the most powerful thing, and last longer than any organization.
  • Feb 24 2014: We have to work with an organization or create one which will last after we are gone. There has to be trust that the organization will not lose their way.
  • Feb 24 2014: I have faith in our younger generation who is actively tearing down all those propaganda walls our generation spent their best years building.
  • Feb 23 2014: Faith in humanity and a strong belief that your actions will improve things for those in future generation.