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Is there a need for BAC ( Bureaucrats Action Committee) ?

In India in Bengaluru there is a group called B-PAC which is a political action committee set up to fund good candidates for elections from any political party. I am of the view that bureaucratic reform in India is as if not more important than political reform so supporting good bureaucrats through a BAC ( Bureaucratic Action Committee ) is important. A program called International Innovation Corps from University of Chicago could be one such way . See but there could be many others. Questions to be debated
1. Is there a need for BAC ?
2. Is BAC a new idea or is it there in one or more countries ?
3. Is the IIC program of University of Chicago a good way to support bureaucrats ?

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    Feb 25 2014: Wayne I agree that politicians are like the board of a company which sets targets for the CEO. In India there is a nexus between politicians and bureaucrats. Good bureaucrats are often transferred for not being pliable, One of the tasks for a BAC would be to mobilise public opinion to get the politicians to set ambitious outcome based goals for bureaucrats. The other task for BAC would be to help good bureaucrats execute these tough goals by supplementing their teams.
  • Feb 25 2014: 1. you need to fix the political side because they set the rules, hire, and fire the bureaucrats.
    2. If you have a good bureaucrat, they will be stopped by the rules and political system, especially if corruption is involved. That is one reason for the civil service system (which is not the best). In the past, a new mayor or governor would fire everyone and hire the ones that supported them for election with most of them were not qualified.
    3. After that, then the bureaucrats need a group that will watch for corruption or just incompetence.
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    Feb 22 2014: Hi everyone. I am new to TED and this is my first conversation