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How do we overcome the tendency to slip back into the old routine of life - and truly capture and ACT on the lessons in talks like this?

Like many talks, there are profound thoughts shared here which no doubt resonate deeply with many people. I have experienced this feeling on many occasions and vowed to make significant changes in my life. However, all too often, I have found that after a short period of time I have fallen back into the old routine – having failed to embed the key lessons into the way I live my life.

Am I alone in this? I doubt it.
If it is a common problem, why do we do this?
What does it take to truly make a difference in ones approach to life and is it about the message or oneself?


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  • Apr 27 2011: Interesting question with some good suggestions.

    I have never had a particular problem implementing change in my life, whether it was emigrating to a new country or starting another business after the first one went phht. (My two biggest challenges were to stop biting my nails and to quit smoking!) Maybe some people just naturally find change easier. But one technique I have always used, no matter whether the upcoming change is big or small, is to visulaize myself AFTER the change has occurred. "I am an ex-smoker." "I used to bite my nails." "I used to work in a cubicle for somebody else." "I am an ex-Brit." And so on. Then I just stick with that thought until it becomes reality.

    Works for me. I hope it helps someone else!

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