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What is behind competition? Does competition influence the behavior of people in a negative way?

Competition is the corner stone of evolution also competition is the opposite of cooperation, Is competing a egocentric form of expression? We see and hear the lowest examples used by people in order to Win. Inspirational notes and stories fade away when you get a closer look on what is going on, drugs, money, etc.
Only few people can afford to do a calendar of competitions in order to reach international events and so on,
It is clear that Medals do not resemble the truth of real champions what makes people think that only a bunch of people can represent the billions of people worldwide?


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  • Feb 27 2014: Boredom is behind competition. It is boring at the top of the food chain.
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      Feb 28 2014: Boredom is nothing more than a lack of imagination as is often found in consumer cultures that have become dependent upon external stimulus to entertain and to "interest" themselves. Often simply because they have become unable or simply unwilling to use their own initiative to engage their minds and bodies.

      In fact, many cannot simply sit and be still and quiet for more than few seconds without some external stimulus to engage them as we see in homes where the tv or/and radio/stereo is always on as "background" sound. . .

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