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What is behind competition? Does competition influence the behavior of people in a negative way?

Competition is the corner stone of evolution also competition is the opposite of cooperation, Is competing a egocentric form of expression? We see and hear the lowest examples used by people in order to Win. Inspirational notes and stories fade away when you get a closer look on what is going on, drugs, money, etc.
Only few people can afford to do a calendar of competitions in order to reach international events and so on,
It is clear that Medals do not resemble the truth of real champions what makes people think that only a bunch of people can represent the billions of people worldwide?


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    Feb 24 2014: If there is no competition, how can you tell that a certain activity or product is done in the right way? If im doing something that no one else besides me in the world is doing, I can easily claim that im doing it in the only right and best way. I could be right, however there is a big chance that someone else might do it way better than me.

    Competition is comparison, and comparison to others makes you feel cheerful or down, depending on the result, If I feel cheerful, I will surely work to keep my feeling and position, thus evolve and gain expertise, However, if im down, this will create ambition or frustration, either way, one will work in the hope of becoming the best or reach high positions, thus evolve and gain expertise.
    Same result, same behavior of looking forward, competition have surely a positive effect on us, by refusing a monotonous life, and letting place to discovery, learning from mistakes and evolution, and this is the essence of life.
    • Feb 25 2014: I definitely hear you...competition is natural...that's what Darwin had the insight to see..people all too often put humanity above the rest of nature when in actuality we are born from it....it's in the genes folks...we can't help it...

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