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What is behind competition? Does competition influence the behavior of people in a negative way?

Competition is the corner stone of evolution also competition is the opposite of cooperation, Is competing a egocentric form of expression? We see and hear the lowest examples used by people in order to Win. Inspirational notes and stories fade away when you get a closer look on what is going on, drugs, money, etc.
Only few people can afford to do a calendar of competitions in order to reach international events and so on,
It is clear that Medals do not resemble the truth of real champions what makes people think that only a bunch of people can represent the billions of people worldwide?


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    Feb 23 2014: Within the arena and the marketplace competition is a valid and even can be deemed an important expression of service, pride and accomplishment, both of the individual and of a team or business.

    But within a family or a community it is neither functional nor healthy. Family and community are about common interests such as survival and often share similar values and principles and are more inclined towards compromise.. Competition is about winners and losers and only brings hard feelings and conflict to families and communities.

    So keep the competitions in the arena and the marketplace and out of the social fabric.
    • Feb 23 2014: So your saying school or neighborly competition is bad? Not being able to deal with loss is bad, especially when the only thing riding on it is pride or bragging rights or both.
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        Feb 24 2014: What I said was what I typed, not what you interpreted. Competition belongs in the marketplace and the arena, not the family or the community where common interests are more important and competition is the antithesis of compromise. .
        • Feb 24 2014: So in a social setting an example of competition being bad would be_________.
        • Feb 25 2014: Im really trying to understand what you mean because it's a very general statement you make....no examples?
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        Feb 26 2014: Sorry to be so late responding. Power was out for 2 days.

        However, I never used the term "bad". If you look at my initial post I simply point out that competition within the family or the community is neither functional or healthy and then I give an explanation of why.

        In fact, the term :bad" can be just as problematic as competition in a community setting since the word in an of itself is divisive, pitting "good" against "bad" whether it be ideas, things or people.

        Competition in the marketplace and the arena is a very good thing. A place to vent that very human energy. Nor is competition "bad" outside those venues. It just is not healthy or functional in an environment - namely families and communities - where we have to find common ground, not winners and losers.
        • Feb 28 2014: I guess that is where I would disagree,"competition is about winners and losers and only brings hard feelings and conflict to families and communities".Thats where I totally disagree, and thats why I also asked for an example,a very specific one if possible.

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