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Why cant we use a dynamo to power the car or any vehicle rather than using batteries?

Becuase, dynamo and batteries are the power generators. We are generating powers using dynamos for other applications and why not in vehicles to start/

  • Feb 24 2014: Dynamos are electrical generators. They produce electricity when powered by a motor. Its cheaper and more efficient to power the car directly by the motor. Batteries can power cars for relatively short distances but most have problems with wide temperatures ranges. They also have a limited number of charge recharge cycles and contain toxic substances. In addition if they are inadvertently shorted out the high electric current can create fires. And this is just the beginning of their problems.
    Finding a better battery would be helpful in a number of places. It is a difficult area because you must pack a lot of potential energy in a small box. Atomic energy may one day give us possibilities. Would you drive a car with a tamed atomic bomb as its energy source?
  • Feb 24 2014: No power generator, or solar power, will start your engine unless it is generating enough power already, running itself.

    Batteries are only there to make enough power available when nothing is running yet.
  • Feb 24 2014: A dynamo turns kinetic (movement) energy to electric energy, or the other way around, depends how its built and used (the other way around is called an electric motor, but many devices double out as both).

    It does not generate energy in of itself, it just converts it between those two forms. You need to start out with one to get the other.