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Do you think civil wars are still possible in the near future in the Western World?

As wealth inequalities keep rising and communities are more and more withdrawing into themselves , what could be the scenarios of a new widespread civil wars in the US or in the EU?

  • Feb 25 2014: Yes it is possible - the question is "are there enough wolves among the lambs?"
  • Mar 5 2014: We still have the right to vote in America. Watch the participation rate of elections. When the rate gets to 75% or so, then you can start worrying about a civil war. Until then there will not be enough unhappy people to sustain a disagreement to the point it becomes a civil war.

    That being said, the current differences between political parties is the largest I've ever seen. Neither side is trying to work with the other. I've come to the conclusion that entire generations need to die off before some issues can be addressed. No amount of logic seems to change people's opinions - whatever they currently believe they will believe for life. I wonder if that is the reason that extreme cults gain the passionate followers they do: a person who changes a belief will attempt to convert someone with more gusto than someone who always believed. Just try to talk to an ex-smoker, for example.
  • Feb 24 2014: Not only possible, I would use the word inevitable.
  • Feb 23 2014: Oh yes they can still happen. What you mention is of course correct, there will be only so much that the majority of people can take from this kind of wealth inequality that is taking place today. This is the new feudalism.
  • Feb 22 2014: Civil wars are the state of conditioning where the society is growing technically, Regarding the West - they are technically developed so there will be no civil war normally but there are chances of "war" which will be big then civil war. As the society growing technically, physically they are leading towards to attain a higher "ego". that makes a big war,
    In the society where there is no communication at all, there are no chances of war.
    There can be only misleading way, that can mislead them internally, in their inner world.
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    Feb 22 2014: It's interesting.
    The capacity of the contemporary society of material profusion to put all the segments of society into a sleep mode is clearly mentioned into your comment.
    When the majority of beings can have their daily meal, they do not rebel.
    Games and bread used to say Romans!
    But is it so certain?
    • Feb 22 2014: You say it as if its something bad.
      If the population is content, why on earth would they rebel? Unless you're an arms dealer living abroad, a civil war likely isn't going to improve your lot.

      In fact, even rebellions against the worst of tyrannies may well end up worsening your situation, not the other way around. Who's to say the new regime will be any better? Its a hell of a gamble, fit only for the desperate or stupid.
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        Feb 23 2014: As you live in a place that knows war on its soil, you do bring an informed view to temper anyone's enthusiasm for the prospect.
  • Feb 22 2014: Content people don't rebel, so in the very near future, probably not.

    Further down the line though, who knows?