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What 3 things did you learn while you were in a near-death experience?

I am interested in finding out what are your 3 things that you learned from a near-death experience. Please state if you were in a near-death experience or not and what was it. Looking forward to read your answers...


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  • May 28 2011: I nearly died twice in my life, the first time was when I crashed my car into a small tree, about a mile away from my house in Connecticut. I was on the way home from a night out in NYC. To be honest, I was quite intoxicated. My car hit the tree head on, going about 60mph around a sharp curve. I came to and noticed that my car engine was engulfed in flames. The doors of my car wouldn't open and the windows would roll down. The next thing I remember, is that I was outside of the car, screaming for help. Luckily an old couple heard the ccrash and my sibsequent screaming. I, still to this dya, cannot tell you how I escaped from my car, later to find out that my car actually blew up as a result of the fire in my engine. If I would have not crashed into that tree, I would went straight into a lake. It just so happens, that the tiny tree I crashed into wasa black walnit tree, which has the strongest bark in the world.

    Ill also say that, my ignorance at the time and my feeling of being invincible, could not let me understand the magnitude of this event. I felt thankful for about a week after the accident and then it slowly faded away. If I can say any 3 things I've learned from my near death experience, it would be this...

    1. There is an order, a so to speak plan, as to why things unfold the way they do in this universe. I can say that maybe that tree was planted there and waiting for me my whole life.

    2. I can say that "God" has many times, tried to slap me in the face with signs to let me know that I am meant to do something great in this life and to get clean and sober and respond to my true calling. For I don't need drugs or alcohol to supplement what I can have by having a higher connection to the universe. So I like to think of it as, there are no warnings, only signs...

    3. Lastly, all I can say, is that our journey, in this life,but of surprises. Life is not meant for you to know what is going to happen. It is an unexpected adventure, at best....

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