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What 3 things did you learn while you were in a near-death experience?

I am interested in finding out what are your 3 things that you learned from a near-death experience. Please state if you were in a near-death experience or not and what was it. Looking forward to read your answers...


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  • May 26 2011: I nearly died while driving on a major highway. In an effort to avoid an accident from a car that nearly hit me from behind, I cut my wheel hard to the right to swerve out of the way. While I avoided getting hit, my two left wheels came off the ground and my car proceeded to rock back and forth nearly tipping over at 75 mph.

    I learned that:

    1) You don't get to choose when or how you die. I was 19 when this happened and everything could have ended then.

    2) A car with good safety features is worth having. Fear shouldn't control all of your decisions but it should inspire you to at least be prepared where it counts.

    3) I'm lucky to have good reflexes. The car caught the corner of my eye and I barely dodged it; thanks Genetics.

    Life is a strange thing; we don't know why we're here or what we're supposed to do, but something inspires us to make the most of it.

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