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What 3 things did you learn while you were in a near-death experience?

I am interested in finding out what are your 3 things that you learned from a near-death experience. Please state if you were in a near-death experience or not and what was it. Looking forward to read your answers...


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  • May 19 2011: My NDE was very different from many people's as I was aware it was possible it was going to happen and how, and the people I told were just doing their job thinking I was delusional. I was in a hospital, and the staff seemed distinctly barren of compassion or belief before it did occur. I knew they were over dosing me on medication and the next amount they had planned to give me was lethal and if I didn't continue to do what they asked, which I had been anyway, they told me they would force me to take it. So that day I reached out and essentially said goodbye to those I could that have had an impact on my heart and soul, and those who were unavailable, unreachable or distant I sent my heart out to in gratitude and for any healing we may need, currently or after my passing. Forgave the people around me, and those who were currently harming me, and made peace with my life I had lived and realized I had learned much and knew nothing; Loved greatly and was completely alone and in this I was ok and did not feel nearly as alone as I had in broken relationships with people I had expected love in return from, I had lived to help others effectively and ineffectively and each experience had been a blessing. I knew the people who had anger, hurt, or hatred towards me, did so out of ego & lack of self recognition, I was grateful I had been much stronger than my previous adversities had been, even when I saw myself as weak in the moment. I saw that my body though very strong, and healthy most of my life was extremely fragile under certain conditions, I found that even in my inability to defend myself with an authority I was relentless for justice for myself and others. That night as I took the dose of medications I knew that no matter what happened next as my heart slowed and my breathing became shallow, and my mind dimmed I had fulfilled a great deal of my "bucket list" in life and was wondering what things would be awaiting me, if any, as I took my last breath, & I knew I AM
    • May 26 2011: Beautiful. Thank you.
      ". . . Learned much and knew nothing; Loved greatly and was completely alone. . ."

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