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What if we create a national direct voting system using the internet?

It would be multiple web sites that share the results. Each site could be designed to accommodate various levels of expertise. Those who wish to dissect the lawyer’s version of an issue/legislation with pros and cons for both sides, and those that just want to see a layman’s version with their representative’s view. The IP address could be used initially as a control and location mechanism. As the number of participants increases the validation process can be improved to guarantee one vote per person. Congressmen would be able to use this data to decide which way to vote on an issue.

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    Mar 10 2014: Are you proposing a Hackers paradise?
  • Feb 28 2014: This has been proposed and often linked with direct democracy. You idea of a national advisor comidy made of the people is interesting and could probably work small scale like for states, but for national level the results would go to the lobbyists and maybe never reach the rep. Politicians are crafty that way, even the ones we don't vote for
  • Feb 26 2014: I've posted an idea for an implementation of this you may want to read that I'd love your input on.

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      Feb 26 2014: I read your blog and agree with the need for another way to distribute resources. Money doesn't work because one person or group of people could have more than others without doing anything productive or beneficial to other people or society. A sharing concepts is better. Several states have these clubs that people bank time for doing something for someone in the club and then having people in the club do things for them. Basic human needs such as food and shelter should be free. But everyone should grow some food even if its only a single tomato plant.
      • Feb 26 2014: Thanks for reading it. Essentially food would be very close to free as the amount of human effort it takes to feed and distribute food to everyone compared to the amount of food we make is staggeringly efficient. And if we provide incentive to make it even more automated, it's becomes cheaper.
        About doing things that are not productive to society. In the registry, that translates to satisfying fewer people, which translates to not getting the opportunity to utilize the Q factor in the paid equation as often as you could so I think it fixes that issue.
  • Feb 24 2014: A pure democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for supper.
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      Feb 24 2014: I'm not talking about a pure democracy, I'm saying let our representatives know how their constituents would vote on an issue. The way it is today our representative might not know how their constituents would want them to vote so they vote for some other reason like political pressure, lobbyist money or personal gain.
  • Feb 24 2014: Mob rule.
    You're welcome.
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      Feb 24 2014: The mob happens to be our current Government.
  • Feb 24 2014: I can have any number and several IP addresses every time I log on so you will have to try something else like face recognition, fingerprints, iris id or a combination. Who needs congressmen, I will tell you how I want to vote so that just dropped the cost down to reasonable right there. Yes, I like the idea mucho:) Now let's keep going with it....
    We don't need Senators or the Representatives because anything we have a question on is put up for vote... including laws so we don't need lawyers either. We also don't need judges as again anything and every thing is put up for vote, if you are interested then vote, if not don't vote. Elections would only take seconds so no more parties are needed. We could cut our military to a minimum because we would also vote on what we want them to do and most of it would all be automated drones etc. Corporations would not be a problem because we would target the CEO's first for discipline and work down the list instead of up, again all determined by vote. At this rate we will have the national debt paid off in a few weeks and be the most respected nation in the world again. When should we begin??? I can have the software ready by the July 4th!
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      Feb 24 2014: : Start right now. Start small and let the more complicated elements be addressed later, it at all. And by all means be careful. You must understand that there are very powerful entities that would do whatever is necessary to stop this type of thing. They control the national press so making the masses aware will be our first hurdle..
      • Feb 24 2014: You are absolutely right Raymond the way to pull it off is to just do it as a joke, a satire, America loves satire or science fiction and then let it evolve in plain sight until enough people know about it and like it, then demand it. It could start as Youtube videos and websites and as it becomes popular it could evolve into a game show and like Ronald Reagan or Arnold Schwarzeneggerr eventually run for office. It could follow the Hunger Games or Iron Man model.
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          Feb 26 2014: Whatever works and gets people thinking that there could be a better way of doing things.
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    Feb 24 2014: I remember discussing this in a philosophy class in 1977. It seemed like input on decisions at that level would solve everything. We have technology that could support this now but there is little motivation for our government to adopt it.
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      Feb 24 2014: Fortunately, our existing government would be the biggest losers, so don't expect their help. We have to do this ourselves.