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If our memory ignores that time is a finite resource, why is it that experience is not of greater importance to us?

What is it about our memories that make them so powerful?

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    Feb 23 2014: People commonly Confuse "time" with their experience.
    • Feb 24 2014: Vera,

      Could you expand?
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        Feb 24 2014: Gladly. We often know people who work for very many years - using the same knowledge and skills. They often are very proud of their Long Time "experience" even when their old experience becomes recycling and unchanged for many years. It is Not experience any longer, it's more like a habit of doing and thinking.

        Time changes everything and we have to adjust our skills to new changes of all sorts. Experience is always a changing combination of the old and the new.

        Sorry, I was unclear.
        • Feb 25 2014: thanks for the clarification. Agree experiencing the same thing over and over again is not adding to your knowledge base. The question is how to recognize it and enhance it to maybe increase the depth of your knowledge.