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With options such as TV, social media, and word of mouth, What is the most effective method of communicating our problem of world hunger?

It is well known that we have enough food to feed the entire world and Josette Sheeran has a great message with a great solution. To add to her many solutions of combating world hunger, I would like to know what people feel the best method of communicating world hunger is to those that are less aware of the issue. Everyone is able to make a difference, but the world coming together is the best impact to combating this large scale problem. What do you think the best way is with all of the options we have? Or perhaps the best solution has yet to be created!

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    AJ J

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    Feb 23 2014: I do not think that we have a problem with communicating the problem. Our problem is accepting world hunger as a problem !!! That being said, there are so many problems vying for the attention of the citizens of the world. What we should understand that it is our collective responsibility to end the problem of world hunger. Social Media is the king of spreading Online word of mouth. But TV has better reach. With Social Media, you can engage with believers of the cause. What we need though is more action and less talk. I am an educator who has used the enthusiasm and optimism of my students to engage them in a variety of social activities. I believe that the best demographic that can effect a change is the youth. How we communicate with them I believe depends on what they are into right now and it seems to be Social Media.
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      Feb 26 2014: I agree. Also people are beginning to develop a sort of advertising callousness. With so many things thrown in your face all at once, the message loses all its impact and meaning. Would you rather spend the day crying over the hungry, or laughing at your favorite show? sadly, people tend to chose the latter. In effectiveness, besides youth education, would probably be actual demonstration. Like a workshop where people are forced to go hungry so they would know the feeling of being one. Ergo they will better develop empathy. But, we all know how hard it is to pull that off. Not to mention the ethical issues and law suits you'll probably face.