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No one can reflect any thing or any living creature in mind as it is. All people are "things in themselves".

What is it we perceive and sense in our minds that so magnetically attracts our sensations and feelings?

Sometimes individuals sacrifice their life for someone who they idealize, fantasizing who this person is, but knowing so little about him/her, prefering to be blinded by their own fantasies.

Are we in love with our own fantasies?

One is loving something that is pleasing one's physical sense-perceptions: looks, sounds, taste, shapes even when those "things" or individuals are artificially "fixed"?

What is the difference between loving those feelings delivered through our physical bodies and brains ---- and loving non-physical dreams, ideas, or god, when our love becomes a bliss empowered within our deep subconsciousness?

Why a person we so like at fisrt often becomes an object of our bitter disappointment as soon as we know this person closer?

After all Do we really love our images and ideas?

Why is that often the words we exchange do not match our imaginative charachters we love in our minds, and eventually break our love relationship with a real person?

Are we all those "things-in-themselves"?


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  • Mar 20 2014: Relationships? That is to complicated for my feeble mind to comprehend. For instance in a two person mix there are at least six personas. 1) the person I really am 2) the person I think I am 3) the person the other person thinks I am and then there is 4) the other person as they are 5) the other person as they think they are 6) the other person as I think they are
    Now you got six personas already not to mention any of them can and do take on other personalities and roles at will. For instances am I talking to your child (the part of you that is happy and wants to play) or the adult (which wants to be responsible and everything to make sense) or maybe the business persona (which wants to be organized and profitable) or maybe the entertainer (which wants to be funny and likeable) or the artist (which wants to be mysterious, appreciated and taken seriously).
    So my question is, in the morning when I wake up next to you, hypothetically of course, who am I going be and who am I going to meet? :)

    Love and or relationships are dependent on the art of compromise.
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      Mar 20 2014: Hello Keith. You have sent an e-mail through ted -

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      Would be great to hear from you. Like your contemplation of multiple charachters we have to deal with...
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          Mar 21 2014: I'd like to help Marika - an independent lonely soul.
          let me know what you think
          Best wishes

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