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Can Mathematics Make Us Emotional?

I believe that there is Math in Music but I find hard to understand that it elicits reaction similar to great art since Math is cold logic while Music is basically emotional

'Mathematicians were shown "ugly" and "beautiful" equations while in a brain scanner at University College London.

'The same emotional brain centres used to appreciate art were being activated by "beautiful" maths.

'The researchers suggest there may be a neurobiological basis to beauty.

'The likes of Euler's identity or the Pythagorean identity are rarely mentioned in the same breath as the best of Mozart, Shakespeare and Van Gogh.

'The study in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience gave 15 mathematicians 60 formula to rate...'


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    Mar 18 2014: Hi Poch, Your question, "Can Mathematics Make Us Emotional?"

    Yes. As proof walk into any calculus class and see the tears and listen to the crying.

    It still brings a tear to my eyes ....

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      Mar 18 2014: Ahhh...torture from stress can make anyone emotional. Yes sir :-)

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