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Does sex need an analogy?

Pizza is a good analogy for the people's conversation who are preparing for sexual activity. But I find it hard to compare pizza topings to the deeds that are dealt with the activity of sex.

Why can't sex education just be sex education without all the analogies? Analogies can be confusing for young people and can be taught or understood in the wrong way.

  • Feb 21 2014: I do not see the need for analogies when it comes to sex education. It seems silly and more so, confusing.
    This is a story I heard (no reference) where analogies where used:

    "They (men in an African village I guess based on the story I was told...) were taught to use condoms by educators placing condoms on broomstick then instructing the men that this is how they practice safe sex. When the educators realised no reduction in pregnancy or STI rates were occurring, they went back. They observed that men placed the condoms on the broomsticks and had unprotected sex, believing they were protected since the condom was on the broomstick".

    I know it sounds fake, but its real enough to happen!
    • Feb 27 2014: And I heard that when the men were away from their women then women had sex with condom covered broomsticks....

      Your comment needs to be posted on Laughter is the Best Medicine.

      I can not only educate on sex without analogy and without embarrassment, but can also educate on how to transmute sexual energies into creativity.
  • Feb 21 2014: They should definitely use technical terms and not beat around the bush, so to speak .the whole banana and sliced pine apple thing doesn't fit, literally.keeping it technical is best for education purposes...