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Whether people should subscribe to either concept

Communism/Socialism are alternately described in economic or governmental terms. The natures of Communism/Socialism center upon convincing the largest demographic of a given nation or society--usually the lower class, liberal intellectuals and designated 'minorities'-- to cede much of their individual civil rights, their religious freedoms, cultural processes, fundamental liberties and their economic system to a perceived form of beneficent government. It has never been established that ANY government is beneficent. The characteristics of government are the growth of scope, power/authority and cost of it's implementation. Once the bulk of a citizenry is convinced to install a Communist/Socialist government, the aforementioned characteristics will be given free rein to expand uninhibited.

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    Feb 26 2014: By themselves, those two concepts aren't bad at all. However it could only apply to a Utopian society where everyone knows and follows the guidelines, which we know would never happen. Any system that tries to cut the triangle of power so it would be flat will never work because there are always people who will rise from the rest and establish a new tip of the triangle. ALWAYS. Theoretically, socialism and communism are great systems, but sadly could never be applied. Should people Subscribe to it? No. Because the promises those concepts offer never materializes, and they would end up sacrificing more and feeding a monster that before they know it, would squeeze them tighter than they've been squeezed before. All men are equal, but some are more equal than others. - Animal Farm.