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global unity project.

We gather here to share with each other our beliefs, to share the path we are on, the paths we wish to travel , and the paths we've already traveled . We're here to believe in each other, not each others beliefs. With these guidelines I believe we can achieve a unity stronger then no other with a goal that will achieve a state of constant improvement, to eradicate the need for war, crime, poverty, and relieve emotional and spiritual stress from society.

I'm not real sure how to explain this other then answering questions. It took me 4 years of a very hard journey to come up with this mission statement. I don't have that much space. long story short. My beliefs are make believe, and I don't want to make you believe, however I would really like to share them.

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    Feb 22 2014: seems to me there are already a million projects, organizations, websites, and so on about this. How is yours different?
  • Feb 28 2014: HI Andrew, if I understand you correctly, this seems a similar project as 'Making this a better world'.

    You would like to share your beliefs, and so would I, but there seems to be an even more important aspect to the process of making this a more unified world, than what we believe.

    Two things:
    Respect differences and Self control

    Not one person is the same as another. Not one group of people is the same as another.
    Also in any, or all, belief systems there is not one person who has exactly the same beliefs as anyone else in that same group.
    If we accept that and see the big picture, as the more and different pixels are in that picture, the more perfect and unified that picture would be.

    Self control would seem to me the ultimate way, and method, of limiting what we can and cannot do.
    Seems to me that the best way to bring that about is by raising our kids properly from day one.

    My basic premise is, Discipline (based on love) develops into Self-discipline.
    We've all heard of the results from a lack of self-discipline. Almost at every news broadcast we hear more.

    Just my thoughts.
    Best wishes and keep working on it Andrew.

    BTW what, of what you believe, would you most like to share?
  • Feb 28 2014: It is a nice idea, but we are only a small part of the 7billion people in the world. If you are going to try to unify the world you have to be someone of influence so that your idea will be taken seriously, and two you need something that people will unify under, like religion. Christian calls for unity of middle eastern contrys, you might get shot, but if a prominate figure in islam calls for unity, they might have a chance, same with christianity, budahism , the idea of freedom of religion, ect...
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    Feb 22 2014: I appreciate your mission statement. No matter what happens here on TED or anywhere else on the internet, that is a good mission statement. Keep it. Use it. Let your mission make you strong. You have something there that maybe only one person in one-thousand can clearly claim to have: a mission!

    Life can be hard. And life can be cruel. But your mission is your purpose for your life. And that has meaning. It lends meaning to your every action. It gives credence to your every choice. Your mission is a significant statement of exactly who you are in this world. This is the thing that makes you unique. This is an important part of your identity.

    Keep your mission. Live your mission. And, most of all, enjoy your life. Each passing hour is another opportunity for mission fulfillment. Go for it! And thank you for sharing your courage here on TED.
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    Feb 22 2014: How are you going spread this idea?
    Because it's not like the most original idea ever, but there haven't been anyone that have had the abillity to spread it to those who need it...