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Introducing Quadcopters into education.

Technology like Arduinos and RaspberryPis have been slowly making their way into school systems. This gives students the opportunity to learn and interact with technology. With the quadcopter becoming such a popular topic with endless potential, how can we introduce this into schools to further promote curiosity and stimulate interest?

I think one way develop a curriculum for learning the basic assembly and programming. Then try to add this to current technology programs that some schools are already partaking in. Another option is to have existing models that students can program to complete certain tasks.

What ways can you think of to introduce quadcopters into education?

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    Feb 27 2014: Best way to know is to ask for opinions from the end-users, who are students, 'cuz apparently this question relates to introducing this technology to students. However, it is rather hard to give you an answer without really knowing what kinds of technology Quadcopters, Arduinos or RaspberryPis are. I may not be as bright as those people who actually know what they are, but I am sure more than half the number of students at my uni doesn't know either. Sounds interesting tho !
  • Feb 27 2014: We are already doing it in Nevada. Nellis AFB controls most of the drones flown by the military already.

    I'm already looking for my second quadcopter and would like to start build my own from scratch.
  • Feb 27 2014: Introducing quadcopeters into education may be good but making it mandatory for everyone or every student is not good.Otherwise it will be madness to make everyone as robotician.
  • Feb 27 2014: it is obvious to introduse all this kind of things
  • Feb 23 2014: A nice idea. There are people who are working to bring these awesome machines as part of our education.
    I would like to add few things to the idea presented.

    There are lot of aspects to a Quadrocopter. These can be effective teaching aid for different student categories.
    The student categories can be as follows:

    Middle school - High School : Focus would be to develop enthusiasm among students in the field of engineering, embedded system, robotics, etc.
    We provide them the essential visual stimuli of the system interaction with the physical world. Curriculum can have basics of flight dynamics, micro-controllers, embedded systems, programming etc.

    High school - College - Focus would be to aid understanding of the subjects like Control System, Algorithms, Signal Processing, etc.
    Insight into flight dynamics, various sensors involved and the kind of output we are receive from them and how to form mathematical model out of it. Finally how this mathematical model get converted to programming.

    Higher Level - Focus can be to understand the complex mathematical model of the Quad. Discussions on subjects like Real time system, mathematical modelling, algorithms etc. We can aim for enhanced functionality like image capture and process, flipping, balancing etc.
    • Feb 25 2014: rakendra thapa
      Excellent suggestions! I just recently built and crashed my first quad and agree with the OP and your valuation of the machines.

      Is there a way to make Quads a right of passage, for example when did you learn to ride a bike?
      • Feb 26 2014: Ha..well no precise answer to that since building Quad requires few subjects knowledge. In my opinion some familiarity with subjects like Control System, Signal Processing, Algo, etc is a required for dive into building quad from scratch.