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Why should I care?

Anthropologists say there are five different races, I am not an anthropologist, why should I care. Besides, nobody gets to choose their ancestors.
Ben and Jerry want to get married. Are they going to keep making vanilla cherry ice cream? Then why should I care.

Every day we are faced with questions and situations that are or seemlingly are of great concerns to all of society. Now some people are truly conflicted and I am not sure why. I can do nothing about your race. And I wasn't invited to the nuptuals.

There are wars going on all over the world. Nobody called and asked if I thought an invasion was a good idea.
Now, I see many people gather into demonstrations, parade up and down the streets and carry banners for causes that they have no influence. I have been told it makess them feel good, but why should I care. Should I be bothered about things over which I have no control?

What is more mystifying is that people acost me...I am not all in knots over their cause. Then, I ask them "why should I care". They go apoplexic, but don't really have an answer. I say that I have only so much real concern to express and I don't want to waste it on things I can't control or effect.
So why should I care?


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  • Feb 21 2014: Why should I care if you should or should not care?
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      Feb 21 2014: Absolutely.
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      Feb 22 2014: Good point Entropy! There are too many people in our world who want to tell others what they/we "should" and "should not" care about!

      I personally care about certain things because I am inquisitive, curious, and love to learn. I am also aware that each of us has the ability to be involved in many different ways, and I like to be aware of where I may, or may not make a difference.

      I like being aware of our world, and the last time I checked, I did not have any influence with world leaders, so I do not spend time and energy worrying about things I cannot control. I do not think "weeping and gnashing of teeth is a requirement" with caring, as you asked in another comment Mike:>) .

      I believe most people care about something or someone on many different levels, and I believe contributing to caring in our world is more beneficial and enjoyable than the alternative. Each person will, or will not decide who, what, why, when and in what way s/he chooses to care:>)

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