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How do we make a change?

I live in the Philippines. Everyday I see news about corrupt politicians, simple crimes that our police can't solve, simple traffic laws that our people can't seem to obey, stupid Filipino movies that corrupt the people's minds with shitty thoughts that love is the most important thing in the world- i cannot deny the fact that love is important but come on, love can't buy a family a house, and love can't feed 7 kids when you don't have a job (yeah, poverty). I'm a simple customer service rep working to support my family and I want to send a message, I feel like i'm stuck doing nothing while everything around me is in rambles.
I wanted to be writer, but when looked for jobs on being one, I needed a journalism degree. I have a degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management and yes, I know it is quite irrelevant to writing but that just happened because, (poverty issue, again) when I was in college, we can't afford a better school, the school I went to offered that course and I liked that best among the choices.
I thought of being a writer so I could send my message, I am working on studying again to get a degree in Journalism.

Anyway, back to my question. how do i help make the change? I wanted to change a whole country and make it better. Should I go and run for Presidency? that sounds quite ridiculous since i'm anti social. Should I work on writing a book? or should I just mind my own life and give up? maybe there's no hope for my country seeing that our rulers don't seem to even care.

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    Feb 24 2014: Mary Rose - I hope you are not serious about giving up. I suspect you have already started writing. You should continue doing that. Write about your beliefs and passions or start a blog to discuss political change and issues.
  • Feb 26 2014: Pick a goal, or vision. Then, try approaching your life incrementally and iteratively. Take the vision and slice it up into little manageable pieces that can get you closer to than plan/vision in say, 2 weeks, and commit to having it done in 2 weeks (but don't slice it up too far ahead, because you don't know what could happen in 2 weeks that would change it). For example - you want to make a change in your country? What does that translate or trace to? YOU want to change it, or you just want it changed? What measurable thing can you do to get that change a little bit closer in 2 weeks? Every day commit to something, and ask yourself the next day - did you do the thing you said you would, and if not why not? Repeat (reiterate) this process, every two weeks.

    It's an interesting technique when your in a rut that's worked for me in the past.
  • Feb 22 2014: There is a Gap that exists between what 'Should Be' and what 'IS'

    This Gap exists both on the individual level and the collective societal level.

    Closing the Gap is achieved by facing, seeing, and accepting fully what IS.

    Acceptance does NOT mean Non-Action.

    Closing the gap does allow for a different Intelligence to arise.

    Action that then emerges is beyond the ability of your current mind's imagination.

    All meaningful change emerges from a full vision and understanding of what IS.

    Allow the great imbalances in the world to drive you to Self Enquiry.

    As far as writing, write write write, but in the end, let your Life be your only Message.
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    Feb 22 2014: I usually find it best to work on the problems that directly interfere with your comfort of life, which I think are very local problems. How comfortable is your everyday life, in other words, when you get up do you have enough food to eat, are you satisfied with the food? Are you satisfied with your housing, or is there problems with it? Are you satisfied with your immediate local environment, or is there problems with it, for example, is the air clean, or is there air pollution, and if there is air pollution does it bother you? In other words, very local problems, maybe as local as your own kitchen, or your own city block.
  • Mar 20 2014: Mary Rose
    I don't mean to be crass, but, perhaps, you should be writing to Dear Abby. Sometimes, when writing a post, grammar tends to slip, but if you want to be a writer this would be a good place to practice. Words like "shitty" can be easily replaced with demeaning, degrading, demoralizing, uncivilized, an absence of decorum and unsavory. Such words may increase your credibility.
    You can do anything you want to do, providing you want to pay the price. There is a fitting axiom here that was originated
    in the bawdy hillbilly bars in Detroit MI.:"If you wanna dance, you gotta to pay the band."
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    Feb 27 2014: You share two different aspirations, writing and being part of social change in your country. Would you want to write even without payment for it? Is the reason you want to write that you want to change your country with your writing, or are those two interests separate?

    One idea to consider if you want to write because you love writing is just to start doing it. When you wake up in the morning, write for a half hour every morning. Wake up a half hour earlier if you need to.

    Or if you take public transportation home from work, consider writing on the bus.

    Some people are weekend writers. You could write while you supervise the children's homework.

    Changing your country is different. Are there organizations in your country that work for the sorts of social change you care about? Do they have meetings or a newsletter that tells you how you can help? Combining with others is usually an effective way for busy people to get involved in good works and local policy action.

    If you have seven kids and a job, it may be hard to summon the energy for so much at once, but it will get easier as the kids become more independent. It's natural to put some things on hold when you have small children.
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    Feb 27 2014: If you write, let me know, I will read it.