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What parts of feminine energy do you think are most useful in improving the world, as Allende champions?

I am interested in hearing what others think about the most productive, useful, or powerful parts of feminine energy. The types of answers that would be most helpful are ones that draw from real life experience.

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    Feb 21 2014: all the parts that complement masculine energy.
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    Feb 20 2014: I have trouble identifying energy with a gender, but I think love, empathy, critical thinking, interpersonal skill and collaborative instincts are useful ingredients, regardless of the aspects of life a person is motivated to improve. I think Allende's broadest influence comes through her imagination, observational powers, and flare with language, but the same could be said for Salman Rushdie. I don't see the feminine or masculine component as critical when I compare these two influential imaginative writers.
  • Feb 23 2014: The part of feminine energy that I think is the most useful in improving the world is the ability to choose when, where and who to mate with and, thus, who to bring into the world and how to raise them.
  • Feb 21 2014: None, since there is no such thing as "feminine energy".
  • Feb 21 2014: My interpretation of feminine energy is strength of personality derived from feminine qualities. Here are a few I recognize:

    Capacity for nurturing children and male egos.

    Breadth and depth of emotional intelligence.

    Embracing the high standard for moral character and behavior expected by other females.

    Sensing through body language, voice inflection, facial expression and other behavior nuances what is going on in other humans.

    Noticing beauty and being impressed by it.

    A general tendency and ability to de-escalate and defuse emotionally charged situations rather than fan the flames.

    Understanding the timing, location, and significance of a simple caress or touch.

    Not feeling overwhelmed by the chaos of life or trying to gain control over it with superior power.

    A deeply rooted feeling of security and comfort in the presence of a friendly strong male.

    A driving desire to not be alone or lonely.

    A high regard for feelings and satisfaction associated with comments or actions that bring pleasure to other people.

    Multi-tasking with a smile.

    An innate ability to correctly determine the best path forward for survival and harmony with life.
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    Feb 21 2014: what do you think is feminine energy?

    Maybe the only unique thing a woman can do is bear and give birth to a child?