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Why can't we democratically vote on how our tax money is spent?

In the U.S. we vote every four years for new representatives, more taxes, propositions, and bond funding for various projects. This current process leaves a lot to be desired. We should have the ability to democratically vote on how excess tax funds are spent for local, state, and national issues. This could help us solve major problems like improvement for education, infrastructure, energy, prisons, and etc. We vote for representatives that should be our voice and our extension, but have alternative lobby agendas. We need more accountability and transparency for tax funds. We should petition the government to restructure our foreign aid and defense spending and improve our domestic problems. Democracy needs a refresh. Selfish capitalist are too powerful and too greedy. We need to rise to expand our voters rights.


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  • Feb 21 2014: The idea is completely and utterly impractical.
    Do you have any idea how the budget of a modern nation looks like? Its a great convulsed mess containing thousands of separate items, some of which you also can't display to the public due to national security. Professional economists have a hard time making heads and tails out of the lot of it. You can't expect the uninformed public to start making decisions at those levels.

    Direct democracy is a disaster waiting to happen, not a solution to anything. The current representative system is already slow, fickle, inefficient and populist (still better then a dictatorship, mind), a direct democracy is even worse in all those regards.
    There are better ways of solving wealth inequality.

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