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What book have you read that everyone should read and why? The follow-up list!

With almost 300 responses I have compiled a list of responses to share with TED members. Hopefully this will be beneficial for everyone!

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    Feb 14 2014: Sorry for not linking it yet - with the snow in the Southeast I have not been able to edit my website!

    Hopefully tomorrow.

  • Feb 16 2014: great list
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    Feb 14 2014: Here it is - books that received several votes are ranked at the top. There are also authors recommended with no specific book. I hope it is useful to others!

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    Feb 14 2014: You forgot the link to your list.
  • Feb 14 2014: is there a link to the list? By the way, a question I was asked in high school was "If you were by yourself on an island, what single book would you have? Two Books?"
    • Feb 14 2014: That little known but very valuable book called "How to get off the Island for dummies" or the other less known book "How to build a 747 out of coconuts" :):)