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Hip Hop -- dangerous or inspirational?

Not to long ago a 17 yr old was aggressively shot at multiple times and killed for playing rap music aloud at patrol station in America this is not the first time an incident like this has taken place.... As a matter of fact ever since the birth of HIP-HOP it has unleashed a tsunami of hardcore negativity and violence which has a profound effect on youngsters worldwide leading to crime, drugs, treating young women in a degrading manner, the use abusive language, an ideology based on negativity... I'd like to what the TED community has to say on this matter if you have a different point of view on this matter plz share

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    Feb 21 2014: Hip Hop is characterized by four distinct elements, all of which represent the different manifestations of the culture: rap music (oral), turntablism or "DJing" (aural), breaking (physical) and graffiti art (visual). Despite their contrasting methods of execution, they find unity in their common association to the poverty and violence underlying the historical context that birthed the culture.

    Some I like and some I do not .... If a mural is authorized on a building then I like it ... there are many good artists who do this. I do not like taggers who spray on any thing and every thing.

    There are good and bad to everything ... I personally do not like rap but tolerate it if not played at extreme volumes. I do not accept it when everyother word is "bitch", "kill whitey", "fu** the man", etc ..... and do not allow hate rap in my house. That is my choice ... it serves not "good" purpose.

    Needles are a useful tool in the hands of a medical professional ... and harmful in the hands of drug dealers and users.

    To say all is dangerous or all is inspirational is a fools game.

    I wish you well.
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    Feb 14 2014: Depends on if you listen to the kind with violent wording, or the kind with inspiring poetry, that is spoken in a fast rythem. Hip hop is an art that is highly influential on the ones that listen to it and i love the kind with a positive message
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    Feb 17 2014: Hip Hop is both dangerous and insperational. In its true form, that is the purpouse of its creation. That is why Hip Hop is feared and used as a scapegoat for mainstream society. Hip Hop is the only culture where you are judged according to character. KRS-One argues it is the only place on the planet where you will find Dr. Martin Luther King's "I have a Dream Speech" being used. The Viiolence mainstream society wants to blame on Hip Hop is its own creation. To anyone in this forum who is seeking true knowledge and insight into culture, this link is to a lecture/movie by Hip Hop Pioneer : The Teacher Blastmaster KRS-one. The only way to understand a culture is to learn from its people, not outside observers. So please watch http://youtu.be/REpSdgORU5A
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    Feb 21 2014: it's neither - it's a sales-pitch.

    music, on the other hand can be inspirational for many people and usually seen as dangerous by the establishment when the cult of personality throws up a potential anti-establishment figure like John Lennon.

    but generally, violence has got nothing to do with the music, the genre or the merchandise, it is about the actions of idiots and little else.
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      Feb 22 2014: I totally agree with you that violent music tends to come from certain morons who seem to think their artists when really all the produce is rubbish.... not only do they produce rubbish but feed the POOP to youngsters who just don't know better which subsequently leads to them going down the same path as those LOSERS...
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    Feb 21 2014: well, the 17-year-old was shot for playing the music at a loud volume, wasn't he, it wasn't because it was hiphop?

    can you prove that hiphop has unleashed a tsunami of violence, drug use, etc.? but maybe people would do worse things without hiphop because hiphop lets them get their aggression out?
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      Feb 22 2014: Dahlen my friend I think you should listen to the (slim shady LP) or any other hip hop album for that matter and determine the results for yourself.......
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        Feb 23 2014: well, i don't have much of a taste for hiphop, mon. But are you saying you want to ban it, that would be pretty tough, to outlaw it, you would get a lot of protest on that.
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    Feb 16 2014: Hip-hop and computer games have served a certain demographic as an endless inspiration to blame for violence. Usually, this demographics is decidedly religious, and fails to see the irony of that situation.
  • Feb 14 2014: Sorry I'm still getting used to format. Please ignore this and look for my response under your reply, Harun.
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      Mar 10 2014: martin soz man but what are you on about??
      reply on what?
      • Mar 10 2014: I made the mistake of asking what the response SHOULD have been to the rap music, and was apparently not very PC in my choices of words. For that, the response you were looking for was deleted. Apparently any criticism of the youths in the SUV is not allowed.
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          Mar 10 2014: definitely not murder......
          maybe banning it from public places or maybe a ban on it being played very loud
          maybe even a fine if caught playing music aloud
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    Feb 14 2014: this is the kind of value's rap promotes
    take a look at this video: http://youtu.be/FAMAJIHpsUY
    if you find this data not to be sufficient enough than there are thousand of articles on the net that supports my understanding of this rap music.........
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    Feb 14 2014: These fears have often accompanied new kinds of music. Do you have data to support the connection you claim?
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      Mar 10 2014: DMX Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood check it out