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Looking for help connecting the TEDs to create a big solution.

Hi folks.

A few of us were working on a project that involved creating a benevolent corporation that could embrace, support, and even protect our humanity by allowing us to form better lives inside it. So basically small heavily customized whole-life solutions networked together for economy of scale.

I've been working on a bit of alternative approach that I believe gets us there and is more investor friendly, but could use some help finishing that job and maybe even pitching/presenting. I'd love to be able to it all myself but some aspects of that are disproportionately difficult for me (seriously, I'm embarrassing sometimes)

The most recent take is 'Awesome, Incorporated', which is designed to be used with a pitch to the MAKEtopian types and create a good feedback loop between them and our investors/sponsors, as well as those who'd help us make what I call (for back of a better term) seeds.

And here's the link.
(short): http://goo.gl/Mt99oQ

In it there are links to two other little documents

The first is an unfinished 'seed creation guide' which is meant to illustrate the benefits of custom-made lives from a productivity standpoint.

The second, 'The New Model', was an earlier attempt to explain the general concept using Doctor Who as a literary mechanism, and goes into the purer version of the concept rather than the profit focused part.

Any help taking this to the next level would be greatly appreciated. This is far too good for other people to be waiting on me to deal with personal matters and or any struggles I have communicating to be getting in the way.

I'll post a list of some of the talks (well, playlists now that they've been nicely organized, yay!) that went into this and a few other early design inspirations/influences right after this.