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Could we hit a maximum capacity of information sharing via written media? Or is this an infinitely moving target?

I suppose I have Buddhism on my mind. But if we were capable of gleaning all of the knowledge and perspectives available in books (even at this instant in time), would we experience enlightenment?

And to carry that a step further, what would be the impact of our own writing if that were the case?


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  • Feb 15 2014: Don't you hit your maximum capacity when you turn off! Human nature has been abandoning maximums by destroying ourselves or just walking away or starting something new. Remember the VHS, CD'S, Magnetic tapes on Big computer machines, punch cards all have information you will never know. The Spanish burned the entire written civilization of the Maya. Knowledge is constantly being destroyed and reinvented.

    I thought enlightenment wasn't someone elses' experience but your own. Reading about others experiences is not your enlightenment and you really do possess all of the worlds intellectual knowledge. You can read instantly on any topic your mind takes you.Welcome to your enlightenment.

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