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Having land, soil, restored by individuals, without having to pay for it or to exploit the free labour of 'volunteers',+ more effectively.

Does anyone have land that they wish restored (ecosystem, soils, food sources for humans...) without having to pay for it? (no institution or government wants to pay for that).
My Experimental Foraging Station is a way of doing that. If you are interested, read my profile and the file describing the project:


This project is primarily about reducing the drift in human health, which medicine cannot stop. It is also about this planet and societal exclusion. Sharing land with those who cannot 'keep up' (e.g. women with syndromes who need a gentle but constant physical activity, or older men who wish to be in nature), to give them an opportunity to be "useful" to both planet and humanity, with dignity, in peace and health, even if they cannot 'make money', instead of being made dependent or pushed to the bottom of society's ladder, and into their grave.

Why propose this here? Because 'science' only wants what is 'advancing', 'complexifying', and will not give access to grants for such a project.


Closing Statement from marika bouchon

Kickstarter... no, I haven't tried. Just looked at the site.
I did work for a while with a well-known site (can't remember name just now) for crowd funding and science outreach, and even read their course. The result was:
making a video felt like an insurmountable obstacle
the whole process of making and marketing the appeal was far too complicated for my poor old brain,, plus I do not have 'a social network' or a professional network, so what I put on internet remains invisible.
Kickstarter is organised along the new trend, 'functional' rather than structural (menus etc.) - I cannot handle this, don't understand these sites, can't find anything, feel that it's a mess, like on facebook. I'm not of the young generation for whom it appears to be 'intuitive'. It's extreme complication to me, and anti-intuitive. I have very real limitations when it comes to functioning in the 'normal' ways, although I can do things others cannot, doing the 'natural' things in society are extreme effort to me, and often fail.
So may be Keith's offer can offset that for me, with a video.

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    Feb 14 2014: Have you tried crowdfunding through an avenue like Kickstarter?
    • Feb 15 2014: Yes, I have tried crowdfunding. I am not social enough to drive any traffic to a website, and not charismatic enough to make up an emotionally moving & attractive video.
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        Feb 15 2014: You are right that good ideas without charismatic champions often struggle. Hollow ideas with good marketing draw initial attention, but ultimately it is the combination of a good idea and some initial supporters that allows a project to get a good launch.

        There is a Derek Sivers talk on the importance of first followers. You may not be charismatic but perhaps you can sell your idea in your more quiet way to someone who can help you.
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        Feb 19 2014: Marika - I think your marvelous suggestions and ideas themselves are very charismatic and timely compared to the most loud presentations and "ideas" today.

        I do not think that most of the speakers on ted or shown on tv or elsewhere are truly charismatic. Moreover, what they say is commonly questionable (but even though, this turns into a good strategy for ted to provoke debates.)

        If the ideas are powerful and meaningful, you, who deliver them to public, become a very charismatic person because you're Irriplacable. Your Believing in your ideas makes You irreplaceable.

        P.S. in my previous presentations-getherings (Futuristic Town Development) I hired professional speakers - it was not a good idea - people were very disappointed that I did not speak. I'm still very shy, inspite that I easily attract people of all sorts. It is not a good strategy - to hide - when you have so much to give to others. Actually - it is a terrible sin. :) Take a look at novatownsite.org and write to novatown@cox.net
        Maybe I'll be able to help.

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