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Is perception more important than reality?

'Why is managing perception important? Because perception is often more important than reality. And in fact, your reality will not be a happy one if you’re not managing perception.

'So the point is that perception is something you have to constantly mange. Whose perception? Everyone’s—the C-level executives, the employees, the customer’s customer, and most important, your own.

'Therefore, ask yourself, “How do I perceive myself?” Do you perceive yourself as trying to keep up? Trying to protect and defend? Trying to integrate the new?...'


Closing Statement from Poch Peralta

Closing Statement
I think the question was effectively answered by both group of thought.
I choose Reality over Perception. Perceptions can change. As Bob said: 'We can manipulate our perceptions.' Reality seen from a sane mind is always true.
Thank you very much to all. You made this convo enlightening and useful.

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      Feb 26 2014: You are one persistent effective salesman Bren.
      Split brain with one half atheist and one half theist
      That's how you see me right? I might accept that but eventually, I will still be a theist.
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          Feb 27 2014: Yes Bren. I should have thought too that you are the half atheist half theist. And I would be very glad if that's the case.

          'Our friend Jacob Warren told me that the atheist hemi and theist hemi could yell back and forth to each other across the Lake of Fire in hell... I love it!'
          lol I didn't catch that in the video because the audio was distorted.

          Did the Etruscans invent Hell before it was a Bible doctrine?
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          Feb 28 2014: Hey. Next time don't delete any replies to me whether it says I'm Satan. I learn from those kinds of comments too. Could you at least tell me who the replier was?

          You'll find a lot of reference to the Lake of Fire in the Bible book of Revelations if you're interested Bren.
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          Feb 28 2014: 'I find it interesting and depressing that you did not respond in a relevant fashion to the reply I did send you re Etruscan-invented hell...'
          Do you mean I didn't reply at all or just relevantly?
          I don't claim to be a philosopher and I'm not a theologian although I studied one year of Theology. In fact I avoid religious and political topics because I basically hate them. And mind you, I don't believe in a Hell that torments a sinner forever. What I believe in is Divine Retribution---whether good or bad.

          And now that you hate me and see me as fake and shallow minded, why don't you stop replying to me and asserting your atheist intelligence over me?

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