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Stopping junk mail

In one month, I received 40 junk mails offer from the banks which I have already credit cards from, and which I signed for paperless statement years ago! Could it be better for the banks to spend all that money on useful and helpful ideas to save our humanity and planet?

  • Feb 16 2014: Junk mail seems to be very prominent. I often wonder how often I would have to check my mail box if I didn't have to clean it out every other day. With technology being so popular these days why haven't the ad companies given at least an option for paperless, or even better a way to opt out? I would have to imagine within the next 10 years this will be 'fixed'. Like Keith said, the USPS is in real threat of going out of business. They have signed several deals with UPS and Fedex allowing them to do last leg deliveries to residential areas. I suppose its only a matter of time until they shut down and let the commercial sector take over. Another thing that might help with the unnecessary paper in our mailboxes is the increase in 'Corporate Social Responsibility'. This is forcing companies to use 'green' methods to operating a business in order to increase their corporate image.
  • Feb 16 2014: If it wasn't for junk mail the post office would have been out of business years ago, which they should be. I wrote to the Postmaster General and suggested they do something useful like deliver fresh fruit and vegetables. That would keep the hundreds of thousands of jobs productive, save trees and promote health at the same time.
  • Feb 16 2014: Let's stop it by applying a tax on anything addressed 'occupant' or 'resident' that passes through the postal system.
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    Feb 19 2014: Bruce, Without junk mail there would not be a postal system. A few years ago the postal system started to pay medical services 75 years in advance. At the time the postal service was making a profit of approximatly 1 billion dollars that they had to return to the treasury ... after this occurred they were losing up to 5 billion a year.

    Another proof that any government interference into a business will bring it to its knees. One of the most stupid management deals of all times ... passed by Congress.

    The Congressional leaders were to pass the delivery of mail on to supporters and political donors when the total failure of the postal service was complete.

    This all started when the postal union was going to strike (again) when Nixon was in office. To bust the union he removed the Post Office from the federal government and devised the Postal "Service" with government oversight. If you have a problem with what is occurring talk to the unions.

    Things get more focused when you do the homework and seek the cause of our current ails.

    Every time you sign up for, enlist, ask about, etc .... your name is sold to other lists. There are opt out provisions ... they do not always work. I have opted out and still get junk mail, sales calls, surveys, your name was sold to hundreds and you can cancel them one at a time .... Maybe.

    Good luck. Bob.
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    Feb 18 2014: Please do a web search for 'opt out.' You'll get all the information you need to stop most junk e-mail. I did this years ago.

    Using the postal system to send mail is a freedom of speech issue, so it's not possible to enact laws against 'junk mail.'
    • Feb 18 2014: hello Lawren,
      Thank you for your comment. I did follow your suggestion and hopefully that will end the junk. On that same note, when I opted years ago for paperless statement and have already the credit card from those banks, I still receiving news offers from them no matter what! My point is rather to spend all that money on mailing, banks could sponsored ideas, creation related to saving our planet! People will applying more likely for a credit card of a bank that is investing smartly their money!
  • Feb 16 2014: I have found that Yahoo Mail and Hotmail let through a lot of junk mail. However Gmail filters out the majority of junk mail, have you tried a Gmail account?
    • Feb 18 2014: Hello Tim,
      Thank you for your comment. You are probably right about junk e-mail and preference of search engine. The subject is refer to mail and not e-mail.