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Stopping junk mail

In one month, I received 40 junk mails offer from the banks which I have already credit cards from, and which I signed for paperless statement years ago! Could it be better for the banks to spend all that money on useful and helpful ideas to save our humanity and planet?


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    Feb 19 2014: Bruce, Without junk mail there would not be a postal system. A few years ago the postal system started to pay medical services 75 years in advance. At the time the postal service was making a profit of approximatly 1 billion dollars that they had to return to the treasury ... after this occurred they were losing up to 5 billion a year.

    Another proof that any government interference into a business will bring it to its knees. One of the most stupid management deals of all times ... passed by Congress.

    The Congressional leaders were to pass the delivery of mail on to supporters and political donors when the total failure of the postal service was complete.

    This all started when the postal union was going to strike (again) when Nixon was in office. To bust the union he removed the Post Office from the federal government and devised the Postal "Service" with government oversight. If you have a problem with what is occurring talk to the unions.

    Things get more focused when you do the homework and seek the cause of our current ails.

    Every time you sign up for, enlist, ask about, etc .... your name is sold to other lists. There are opt out provisions ... they do not always work. I have opted out and still get junk mail, sales calls, surveys, your name was sold to hundreds and you can cancel them one at a time .... Maybe.

    Good luck. Bob.

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