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Is there a future for a green society in Africa? Is green the future for africa?

Green Cities and lifestyles partly stems from haven exhausted conventional forms of living or an attempt on improving it ,be it technology to infrastructures .Developed societies in America , Asia and Europe can afford this primarily because of technological advancement over the centuries when compared to states in Africa. Green city is not defined by the absence of technology but controlled and renewable technology that is less harmful to humans and the environment.
Almost every rural community around the world leads a green lifestyle partly as a result of its culture or being a case of under development.
Africa as continent is plagued with a great deal of challenges often a sour subject on matters of development, leadership and the economy. Is Green lifestyle worth investing in africa?


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  • Feb 13 2014: IMO there is a bit of a rush by large company's currently to ferret out green opportunities. Thinking large scale or mass market, a company has the institutional brain power to organize itself to maximize the green models that fit its profile. What would be ideal for Africans would be micro green businesses that ordinary persons can participate. Similar to cell phone kiosks or internet cafe's. Shops that sell electronics could also sell solar power parts. The local artisan could build solar units, and when enough persons in a town have them installed a larger company might be interested in stringing the home units together to form a co-op that would manage the power. As just an example. What would help is if African's had a financial opportunity by a micro lender who not just loaned money but also provided some of the services available in larger towns with marketing, and advertising by helping to build green micro businesses. So the cell phone kiosk that now sells solar unit parts has a partner that pays for the advertising on the local radio play or pays for cell phone banner ads, or has town hall meetings. Also encouraging women to form a manufacturing co-op which the lender can provide the funds to help get started. The lender could also bring in other business partners interested in recycling rare earth metals etc That's also how I would use TED's million dollar prize money. Good luck to you.

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