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Is there a future for a green society in Africa? Is green the future for africa?

Green Cities and lifestyles partly stems from haven exhausted conventional forms of living or an attempt on improving it ,be it technology to infrastructures .Developed societies in America , Asia and Europe can afford this primarily because of technological advancement over the centuries when compared to states in Africa. Green city is not defined by the absence of technology but controlled and renewable technology that is less harmful to humans and the environment.
Almost every rural community around the world leads a green lifestyle partly as a result of its culture or being a case of under development.
Africa as continent is plagued with a great deal of challenges often a sour subject on matters of development, leadership and the economy. Is Green lifestyle worth investing in africa?


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    Feb 13 2014: You do have the opportunity to use modern technology from the start. LED lighting and rooftop solar are being retro-fitted in much of the developed world which is expensive and time consuming. One of the things that makes renewables uncompetative is the cost of replacing existing infrastructure. If you don't have existing infrastructure you don't have that problem.

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