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Where does creativity originate?

It is a very interesting avenue to explore the origins of creativity. Is creativity hereditary or cultivated, supernatural or human, a myth or real? This is a question that struck me when I heard Elizabeth Gilbert talk about 'daemons' in ancient Greek mythology and how it was believed that they guided the creative thoughts.

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    Feb 16 2014: Creativity comes from:
    - eyes that keep looking
    - ears that keep listening
    - mind that keeps asking
    - heart that keeps longing
    - and soul that keeps caring.
    • Mar 7 2014: That is a beautiful thought! Thank you so much for sharing it....
  • Feb 18 2014: All one needs to do is to watch some young children playing constantly creating in all sorts of ways whether through direct action, or speaking or in any other way. In other words creativity is the natural state of a human being at play. This means play not reward/punishment behaviourism as is used commonly. This state of creativity is its own reward and may also be shown by the fact that creative people maintain this state of play into adulthood whereas many others appear to lose it. So, creativity does not need to be rewarded and is present in a human being when not overwhelmed by other thoughts, tensions etc. It may be encouraged through approaches where this state of free play is enhanced eve in adults. But, most importantly it is not an artificial state that must be imposed.
    • Mar 7 2014: An interesting opinion....But don't you think that stress can also sometimes lead to a person being creative....What about life and death situations where you have to make use of the resources that are available to you and you survive because you think differently and have a new idea? Or in workplaces where a time limit is given to the workers to create a product? We can't necessarily rule out this option.
      It is said that the human brain works a thousand times more faster in highly stressful situations.
      And some people can also draw their inspiration from stress....
      So, that is my two cents.....But thanks for sharing your thoughts!
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    Feb 24 2014: Creativity is innate in all of us. Most of us can remember the games and stories we invented as kids. As adults, we need to foster that creativity. Kids may not see that they can use those same skills build a new toy, create a go kart or a hot air balloon. Helping them realize that they can use those same creative juices to solve tougher and tougher problems.
  • Feb 18 2014: I would first discuss how creativity is formed or synthesized. Creativity, in strict sense, must be something new, original and practical/realistic. For example, there have been lot of scientific fictions; some of them would later be realized, but others would never be realized because the ideas are simply not logical or absolutely impossible in all physical realities. Some people often dreamed that he/she becomes omnipotent that he/she can enslave all the humans on earth, or become the strongest or the most beautiful on earth. That kind of thinking is called dreams or fantasy. I wouldn't confuse these as creativity. Even though sometimes, a creative thinking could be very close to fantasy, or vice versa.
    Based on this reasoning process, then creativity would be partially derived from a person's knowledge, intelligence and logical thinking in practicality. In other words, the creative thinking must be originated from the mind of a person who uses the logical and practical approach, and "see" what the others couldn't see, through a new concept, but also work out the detail of a new process or product which is at least realizable in, say, couple of centuries ahead of the time.
    • Mar 7 2014: A very interesting and well-thought explanation. I completely agree with your views. Thank you for sharing it!
  • Feb 18 2014: I would say creativity is a very subjective term. I personally believe that is does not exist. Every good idea comes from join 2 or 3 good ideas, that nobody was able to see before. People that concentrates on creating "new" things, are the ones that most succed, as they fail a lot but also as a matter of statistics, they also come across good ideas as well. Perhaps I'm missing some aspects. It is very important to question everthing, so as to come up with new ideas. This is just a made up idea I have, I never though about it deeply.
    • Mar 7 2014: I agree with your first statement that creativity is subjective. But what I don't agree with is that it does not exist. Joining two different ideas to create a new idea is also creativity. If we think of creativity as a broad term, we may realize that creativity is the ability to think differently. It is creating something new with what is already known. Human beings came into being because the natural elements combined in a specific way. Internet, laptops, mobiles and technology came into being from what was already known.
      So, creativity does exist. It is an everyday part of our life.
  • Feb 16 2014: I think creativity is from perseverance of interesting,observing,thinking,searhing...they are in turning amond to move on and on...
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    Mar 3 2014: .
    Creativity is originated by making happiness.
    Happiness is originated by keeping our DNA alive.
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    Feb 22 2014: well, one thing that helps creativity is to realize that things one takes for granted are really rather unusual. For example, I sit in a chair as I write this. One might see a chair as humdrum. Or one might see that it's quite an interesting object that one can play with?
  • Feb 16 2014: Creativity, in my eyes, comes from curiosity and innovation. It's also a personality trait. People who are creative, more often than not, are also curious. Their curiosity leads to new ways of innovating, and that is where their creativity spawns. As to it being a personality trait, we all know people who are very un-creative.
  • Feb 16 2014: At a certain level, creativity can be taught. True thinking out of the box is born and supported and further developed by the environment
  • Feb 16 2014: "God creates, man uncovers"- Keith W Henline
    • Feb 16 2014: The act of genius is to see a relationship that has always existed but no one has noticed. A genius is someone who can do this multiple times.
      • Feb 16 2014: "Genius hits a target no one else can see"- Arthur Schopenhauer
  • Feb 16 2014: Neat Link:

    I think creativity comes from open minds that are willing to extrapolate the possible from a variety of knowns from many different experiences, knowledge and thoughts.