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Unemployment is doubled for minorities in many U.S. states do you think the current business models do enough to create an inclusive culture

Looking at reports it seems that unemployment rates for minorities has not changed for decades (that is across all education levels). It is double or more than that of their white counterparts; what are the causes and solutions to this problem. Is racism a part of corporate culture and if so what can be done to change it. What can be done to promote an inclusive culture in the workplace.


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  • Feb 17 2014: I agree, I think the other political party could do far more in minority communities to get these individuals involved in the political process. I'm at a loss as to why their message is 30 years old. The ideals that resonate with young persons like family planning, avoiding vice, owning property. Saying no to family members that distract or are obstacles to the goal.

    Formulate a behavior that says you are a learner and eager to set goals beyond your circumstance. Look for a mentor outside your race. Be positive with all persons. Don't accuse the other race as if they are some how responsible for your predicament.

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