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Unemployment is doubled for minorities in many U.S. states do you think the current business models do enough to create an inclusive culture

Looking at reports it seems that unemployment rates for minorities has not changed for decades (that is across all education levels). It is double or more than that of their white counterparts; what are the causes and solutions to this problem. Is racism a part of corporate culture and if so what can be done to change it. What can be done to promote an inclusive culture in the workplace.

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    Mar 13 2014: There are multiple factors why someone is hired or not. The most dominant factors are education, skills, experience, and the ability to blend in the organization culture.
  • Feb 17 2014: I agree, I think the other political party could do far more in minority communities to get these individuals involved in the political process. I'm at a loss as to why their message is 30 years old. The ideals that resonate with young persons like family planning, avoiding vice, owning property. Saying no to family members that distract or are obstacles to the goal.

    Formulate a behavior that says you are a learner and eager to set goals beyond your circumstance. Look for a mentor outside your race. Be positive with all persons. Don't accuse the other race as if they are some how responsible for your predicament.
  • Feb 16 2014: Whether you like it or not, race does play a role either for the minority/gender or against them. In most business situation, if one candidate can do the job better, they get hired (money counts). If they are close, then the x factor comes into play. The x factor can be caused by public perception (need more minorities/gender to look good).
  • Feb 15 2014: Is race the only factor in employment?
    • Feb 15 2014: Race is not the only factor I believe in competition but if no changes have occurred in decades even with minorities becoming more educated their might be other underlying issues that could be addressed. I was hoping for some intellectual answers to the question. As I said I believe in fair completion and race should never be used as a determining factor.
      • Feb 15 2014: Sorry, when I see generalized statistical statements like "reports" my first reaction is to doubt the credibility of the statement and suspect that someone is using partial information to forward an agenda.

        We agree-There is no place for racial discrimination in the workplace, by ANY ethnic group. But before I call a foul on one race (which you did), I want to know answers to some questions about the data:

        1) Does the population of qualified applicants represent the national demographic in the job sector or profession you are considering?
        2) Does the demographic of the population local to job offerings represent the demographic of the employees in a particular sector or profession?
        3) Are there trends for gender, age, or educational level that influence the statistics?
        4) Are there instances where the most qualified candidate was not selected to promote a better ethnic demographic for an employer?
        5) Is there a history of discrimination legal actions where abuse of some kind was actually proven in the sector considered by the population sample?
        6) Are the statistics provided by a credible unbiased source? Are they verifiable or cooberated by a second source?
        7) Is the data recent and relative? Is there a trend over a long period of time, or is something new?
        8) What were the terms of the various competitions? Who were the decision makers & what was their demographic?
        9) You mentioned that minorities are becoming more educated, but what is happening to the rest of the competition? Are they also becoming more educated?
        10)How about the jobs? Are they changing? Are the employment opportunities for everyone changing somehow to favor a particular skill set that is not popular with a particular minority?
        • Feb 15 2014: I like your reasoning that's what I was looking for instead of border line racist statements made by other. I was looking at the bureau of Labor and Statistics break down of employment by race due to the same statement being made by one if my colleagues. It has. Nothing to do with one race keeping the other down. Your questions are thought provoking and very valuable towards answering this question and thanks for your input. And Raj as for your points earlier although stereotypical and borderline racist they too are valid. Classrooms stay empty during PTA meetings for blacks while the football stadiums in high schools are full for football games misplaced priority number one. Black leaders seem to only show up when the media is present instead of fighting for issues like better education or setting better examples for young black men. The only role models that I can see for the black community are the rappers and NFL players who degrade women and glorify crime (e.g Rick Ross only raps about selling drugs and dirty women but he got Entertainer of the year) and the lack of pride by some blacks also amaze me (blacks are he only ones who go around calling themselves derogatory terms and think it is cool. I am black but I have two masters degrees and I am a military officer. I was a teen age parent but the two of us are still together 17 years later. Raj your point regarding hazard work and heart are very valid I would know.
  • Feb 15 2014: I did not say blacks. I like the racial stereotyping thought. I guess that blacks are the problem in America. Whites are not teenage parents and trailer parks do not exist. I also love the quote at the bottom regarding god it seems that religious people dwell on hate rather than on the realities of life. Sorry I do not dwell on stereotypes but try to be open minded.
  • Feb 15 2014: To start black leaders should blacks to stop criminal behavior, stop making babies they cannot afford and to live rice and beans is not a bar to building a character. Have some self respect and say to one self, I am something and no matter what I cannot do this things even if rich do it.

    One do not deserve anything but one can aspire for everything and work hard to to make dreams come true. Stop talking about racism. Black are as much racist as any other race. Black leaders always talk about injustice , discrimination. Life is not fair' There are lots of blacks who are as rich as rich whites. They are not giving away their money to black poor.

    Black leaders should tell young blacks, life is going to be tough but in Oprah can make it , you can make it too. She do not look like beauty Queen, She was not born with gold spoon in her mouth. But she did not go begging to white. people

    If blacks are going to seat until White people will put their hands on their shoulder and say, you are my brother, it is not going to happen. Those who depend on their freedom and self respect on generosity and good will of others have lost right to freedom. Freedom comes from inner voice that say I am my destiny and my brain and my mind is willing to put out my best and then let I succeed or fail to my capacity. That is possible.

    When teen age gets herself pregnant or young man ends up in legal system, they lost half their future. Leaders should be training them. When they drop out of school and unable to stop impulse to that gold chain or expensive sneaker or anything insidious like that, they lost half their future.

    Unfortunately black leaders including President tells them it is all white people fault/ And suppose it is true it is white people's fault, it is not going to change anything. If the idea has gotten in your brain, it i like cancer of brain. Unfortunately too many blacks spread that cancer in black young men.

    The Kingdom of God is withing you. Do not look it in without
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    Feb 14 2014: Eudon, can you include some link that shows what you are saying is true.
    • Feb 15 2014: Many blacks are highly educated and cannot get jobs they did not ask for hand outs. I am not talking about the lazy people who sit down waiting for hand outs. In certain parts of the US racism is still alive and well. However I am not asking that minorities (blacks, Hispanics, others who are not white or women) get a hand out. I am asking that they be evaluated on their worth.
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        Feb 16 2014: aren't there laws against that discrimination, Eudon? Can't people sue if they think they have been discriminated against?
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          Feb 16 2014: People can try to sue for employment discrimination, but it is expensive, energy draining, very likely not to lead to good job prospects in the future, and hard to win, n part because an employer can probably justify why he made the hire he did- how the person he hired meets the needs of the team of which he will be a part.

          I think many highly educated people, regardless of race or gender, are having difficulty finding suitable work right now. It would be most instructive to look at this question on an industry by industry basis, comparing, for example, the unemployment rate among people with advanced degrees in software engineering or aerospace engineering by ethnicity or gender. It is important to make reference always to the size of the pool oi applicants with the relevant degree.
      • Mar 4 2014: Unemployment among graduates is less than 5 %. What you mean by many? do you have percentage? Many qualified are unemployed in all races. Some time prior history or language can be hurdle. Immigrants even when high;y educated often justifiably cannot get job if language is important. That is not discrimination. I have been to Nigeria, Kenya , Uganda. There is being poor or unconnected deprives you of job even when you are qualified.

        The person hiring should be comfortable. Most jobs are not mechanical factory jobs. All minorities and immigrants have to be aware of the image their community have. If image is bad, there is hassle. The guys coming from Pakistan faces somewhat more hurdle than those from India even though culturally they are about same. So one has to work hard, present clean record. And many places it is easier for blacks to get a job because company wants to present good public record as image booster.

        When I started I had as much or more qualification that a black young man. He got hired as management trainee and me low level manager at 40 % less pay. I did not complain and worked very hard. I routinely worked 60+ hours a week. People start talking that my father owns a big stock position with the company. I worked for 3 years and left to start my own business. That is 50 years since. I have no regret. I learned so much there that made foundation for my future life.