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Is experience (number of years employed) a strong determining factor for shortlisting incumbents?

Being a job hopper, I have a very short span of work-place dedication. But I am a very committed and a hard-working professional and my supervisors have endorsed me for the same. But what really leaves me dumb-founded is the fact that a certain number of irreplaceable years is always a determining factor for shortlisting interviewees. Is this a fair recruitment process? Are experienced people only capable enough to deliver good performance and efficient outputs??

  • Mar 20 2014: Experience is not only a number

    if the guy keeps coming back to some company
    gaps between jobs
    etc, etc

    Too much experience in the same function may mean the guy cant grow

    Each case is a case, somethings you can only know by checking the guy background, the market background, the companys background and asking the companys and him (on the interview)

    But it is valid make some preliminar analisys like how much time in each job
    if the guy has 10 years of experience but never stand in 1 company for more then 3 months is bad

    I think filter by experience has more to do with the employer companys policy (for various reasons like efficiency, company standards and protection) then the individual efficiency
    Some companys hire only who comes from Harvard for instance of policy (doesnt mean only who comes from Harvard is good)

    But even so years of experience is very much used for filtering
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    Feb 22 2014: Sometimes less experienced applicants are favored over more experienced, if the less experienced has more interesting and relevant experience. But employers also typically do not want to redo the hiring process frequently because their new hire got bored and moved on. You can probably understand this perspective.
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    Feb 22 2014: how do you know it's a determining factor for shortlisting interviewees? Have you been on the other side of the interviewing process?