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Redefine the term "rehabilitation" in context of prison

The way I understand it, prisons are established for three reasons. 1. Deterrance: fear of getting caught keeps people from committing crime. 2) segregation: Keep people who have harmed others from doing it again. 3) Rehabilitation: the idea that the criminal will change in some way so to not break the law again.

I think the idea of deterrance is good. I also believe deparating criminals is a good idea, but ONLY if they endanger others. I do not believe the current prison system is concerned with rehabilitation. The term needs to be dropped, redefined, or removed. If anything, the prison does worse than rehabilitate.



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    Feb 22 2014: The plan would be to create a structure of a meticulous nature> cloths would be long robes and sandals> No slacks or closed shoes> Meditation w.ould be optional.gardening,and cooking also offered as activity>iweightlifting would be replaced with yoga.spseinning or pilates. Courses in acting.singing and writing. No television but evening debates overseen by self appointed ethics boards...in result behaving in a manner of the lowest common denominator would vastly be reduced..and like all of us who enjoyed this as our enviornment could lend some broken psyches our healing fromulae
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      Feb 26 2014: Excellent ideas Carolyn, have any prisons been designed around this approach you know of, I'll check myself in?
    • Feb 27 2014: It is the best redesign plan for the prison system I have heard. The guards would not have guns or tazers? No yelling, cursing, or hate speech? Would there be solitary confinement, and if yes, would that be punishment?
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      Feb 27 2014: That would be an interesting transition to observe Carolyn!

      It reminds me of a tiny thing I did when interacting with incarcerated offenders. I make aroma therapy "stuff" from garden herbs....usually starting with a base of mint and lavender infusions, then add other herbs as the spirit moves me:>)

      The facilities are dark, drab and smelly, so I started bringing a very small plastic spray container filled with aromas, which I sprayed on all permeable surfaces on the way to the sessions and in the room.

      At first the guys made fun of it, noticing that I had "perfumed" the room. I told them what it was, and that sometimes it just makes us feel better. They continued to joke about it and I continued to do it.

      After a couple times, they started commenting about how good it smelled, and soon they were asking me to spray their papers and notebooks so they could bring the scent back to their cells. A couple times I forgot to bring it, and they started playfully chastising me for forgetting it. It was interesting and enjoyable to observe the transition:>)

      Have you watched this TED talk?
      • Feb 27 2014: Colleen,

        We each bring an aroma with our presence and attitudes... usually starting with a base of this and that infusion, then other 'herbs' as the spirit moves us ::>) I hold that you comment can be generalized and abstracted into a wonderful process:

        We each bringing about a spray container filled with aromas, which we spray on all permeable and impermeable surfaces on the way we pass to the intersessions and in the rooms. At first other may make fun of it, noticing that we have "perfumed" the room. (some may even say we stank up the place) Tell them what it be, and how that sometimes it just makes us feel better. They may continue to joke about it in disbelief and we may continued to do it in belief.

        After a couple times, those in disbelief may start commenting about how good certain beliefs smell/feel/look, and soon each may ask to spray the papers and notebooks so each can bring the scent back to their cells. when someone forgets to bring the soothing sent , others can start to playfully chastising them to remember and bring it on. It can be interesting and enjoyable to observe the transitions taking place here and elsewhere.

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