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Redefine the term "rehabilitation" in context of prison

The way I understand it, prisons are established for three reasons. 1. Deterrance: fear of getting caught keeps people from committing crime. 2) segregation: Keep people who have harmed others from doing it again. 3) Rehabilitation: the idea that the criminal will change in some way so to not break the law again.

I think the idea of deterrance is good. I also believe deparating criminals is a good idea, but ONLY if they endanger others. I do not believe the current prison system is concerned with rehabilitation. The term needs to be dropped, redefined, or removed. If anything, the prison does worse than rehabilitate.



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  • Feb 18 2014: We know that one of the basic human desires is the ability to change your environment, to be appreciated, recognized and respected. To be noticed and interacted with!

    A 5 year-old may stack blocks and then say "look at what I did mommy"! The 2 year-old, lacking the skill to stack the blocks will be content with their ability to knock over the stack of blocks made by someone else, then look to see if the parent noticed what they were able to do.

    Disaffect: "to alienate the affection or loyalty of; also : to fill with discontent and unrest "

    How much of our crime problem is the result of large disaffected groups of people? People feel trapped by circumstance, unable to make positive change, unable to receive positive feedback for their positive accomplishments, settle for having a negative change, getting the notice of other criminals and thugs.

    My daughter begins to ignore her 18 m/o daughter. The baby drops the TV remote into the dog's water dish. Mom jumps up and runs to try to save the remote. While mom is distracted drying the remote, the cell phone is next to go into the water dish.

    My daughter asks "Why is she being such a brat?"

    I say "She is trying to get your attention by attacking the things that take your attention from her, the TV Remote and your cell phone."

    "Well, I wish she would quit!"

    "Then turn off the TV, put down the phone and give her the undivided attention that she desires!"

    Kids growing up in the inner-city, surrounded by drugs, gangs and crime; sent to ineffective schools where teachers are underpaid, overworked and unappreciated, where the students that do well are beat down; disadvantaged by their skin-color, their ethnic sounding name and the household income of their single parent( or parents in rare cases), what opportunity do they have to cause positive change? What attention and appreciation would they receive? If they can not cause positive change and receive recognition for it, how would they not become disaffected?
    • Feb 19 2014: From reading what you posted I think the kids are looking for attention and validation that they can get from the extrinsic rather than the intrinsic domains. A while ago who one was stemmed from their values and work etiquette not status symbols, presently there seems to be a shift towards the material stuff individuals have. There was a time where an individuals word of honor and name sufficed to seal a deal... nowadays even with contracts and there subtleties in language used deals are dishonored ...

      Its easier to get negative attention than positive one... heck even generating positive attention can lead to attract the negative stuff... because it's easier to knock someone down than to raise to the top... its easier to take the stuff than pay for it... Everyone has an opportunity to cause positive change ... thing is bad apples tend to grab all the attention and immediate actions... while the patient generous ones may go without... as you said to your daughter ... if you pay the attention she needs she might learn there are better ways to behave and grab your attention ...

      The cool hip way to be should involve doing well and helping others do well... the insecure are the most violent ones to deal with
      • Feb 19 2014: That last statement resonated with me. I think insecurity may lead to selfish behaviors, since the unconscious frames everything within a narrative that seeks to validate. If, for whatever reason, we truly believe we are not of sufficient standard, we will do things to defy that narrative. This internal struggle maniifests as selfishness. With it comes cries for validation from others. We know the ways. Learn to fight. Work out. Look good. Get a degree. Even the appearance of selflessness may appeal to. One afflicted with this internal struggle: they will become involved in philantropy just to seek validity. How much more this is amplified in prison! A hell within a hell, living to validate. Peace and happiness are a rarity. Many would choose death, but the fear that the afterlife may be worse entraps them. A prison within a prison within a prison, in hell. For absurd lengths of time.
        • Feb 19 2014: Andy,

          cries for validation from others will rarely satisfy or provide the self-validation some individuals seek... Looking for self-esteem through what others esteem of self isn't going to be self-esteem :-) though what others esteem may facilitate the creation of one's self-esteem.

          At one time I thought/felt inadequate, regardless of the fact of being quite adequate. What helped me let go of that inadequacy thought/feeling involved focusing on what someone else thought/felt, which enabled me to think/feel adequate. Note that the fact of being quite adequate didn't really play much into the thought/feelings.

          BTW Peace and happiness are a thought away... of course only the appropriate thought will do. I have to wonder what makes some believe that they will resolve the matter if they just get the opportunity as they let go the present opportunity. One afflicted with this internal struggle will be afflicted by this internal struggle so long as they continue to be afflicted with the internal struggle. Maybe they need to redefine the term, what it means, and what they do about the matter.

          when one allow the current chance to be one of many possibilities and focuses on bringing about the better possibilities everything can change:

          How much more this is amplified in the present live moment! A dream within a dream, living to dream and bring about dreams. Peace and happiness are a rarity that each and everyone can enjoy. Many would choose to live the dream, and the peace that exists before-life during-life and after-life if they could just envision it. A thought entraps them while the thinker think it. A prison within a prison within a prison, a dream within a dream within a dream, a home within a home within a home. For ludicrous lengths of time experienced in an instant that endures so long as the thinker thinks it. Peace and happiness are a thought away; of course only the appropriate thought will do, and only, so long as it be thought; which can be forever.

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