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Redefine the term "rehabilitation" in context of prison

The way I understand it, prisons are established for three reasons. 1. Deterrance: fear of getting caught keeps people from committing crime. 2) segregation: Keep people who have harmed others from doing it again. 3) Rehabilitation: the idea that the criminal will change in some way so to not break the law again.

I think the idea of deterrance is good. I also believe deparating criminals is a good idea, but ONLY if they endanger others. I do not believe the current prison system is concerned with rehabilitation. The term needs to be dropped, redefined, or removed. If anything, the prison does worse than rehabilitate.



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  • Feb 15 2014: As a college student majoring in psychology, I believe rehabitative services are the most important/powerful aspect that prisons can have on convicts. Prisons segregae criminals from society for a time, but once released they usually go back to their old ways. The US has issues with overcrowded prisons, and rehabilitation is the way to resolve the issue. Rebilitating criminals would lower the amount of money going towards funding prisons, as well as increase money in the market place as criminals get out and find ligitimate work.

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