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How do I set up a Self Organised Learning Environment for Home Educated Children in different geographic locations.

How do I set up a Self Organised Learning Environment (SOLE) for Home Educated Children in different geographic locations? We are based in the UK.

I have two home educated children and would like them to collaborate with other home educated children following the principles of SOLE

I would like them to be able to experience the joy of collaborating with other children to find answers to certain questions or explore topics that interest them.
I would like them to be free to choose a topic - ie 'Dinosaurs' and to find other children who are also exploring that topic. I would like them to be able to
1)'talk' or video conference with other children interested in that topic
2)choose to share information and research findings with other children interested in that topic
3) Ask out side contributors - ie family and friends to contribute with ideas on their chosen topic
4) Capture their learning objectives - research results and outcomes

Does anything already exist for this? Obviously it would have to be moderated.
Any brainstorming or ideas and suggestions would be very much appreciated.
Many thanks

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    Feb 22 2014: Is something like this what you are looking for?

    "Homeschoolers, unschoolers and other educators across the world are invited to participate in the SOLE Challenge, sponsored by the nonprofit group TED (Technology Entertainment Design). SOLE stands for Self Organized Learning Environment, and the Challenge is part of the wish of Dr. Sugata Mitra, whose dream of creating a "School in the Cloud" for children in India won him the million-dollar 2013 TED Prize. "

    And this:

    "Here’s our SOLE project:
    We hope you will stop by the Firebird Library and check it out. Try a question or two!

    Phoenix SOLE Project
    Where did the idea come from?
    Winner Of the TED Prize 2013 – SUGATA MITRA – According to the Huffington Post, “This journey, for me, began back in 1999, when I conducted an experiment called the “hole in the wall.” By installing Internet-equipped computers in poor Indian villages and then watching how children interacted with them, unmediated, I first glimpsed the power of the cloud. Groups of street children learned to use computers and the Internet by themselves, with little or no knowledge of English and never having seen a computer before. Then they started instinctually teaching one another. In the next five years, through many experiments, I learned just how powerful adults can be when they give small groups of children the tools and the agency to guide their own learning and then get out of the way.”

    Here is a fully functioning group using SOLE methodls:

    There's this one, but I didn't get the chance to check it out fully. Looks interesting though.

    Or are you wanting to do a "start-up" yourself? As opposed to joining an existing one.

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    • Feb 14 2014: Thank you Fritzie. These links are very interesting but I am looking for a pre existing, online technical structure or instructions to set one up that could deliver SOLE over the internet for individual students who are geographically apart.
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        Feb 14 2014: I recommend to you to use the contact link on the solesandsomes site to pose your specific question there. That is a repository of thinking, information, and organization on the question of what exists in terms of sole infrastructure in a way that TED Conversations is not. Good luck to you!